Governor Tambuwal who spoke at the PDP secretariat in Osogbo on Wednesday said insecurity is a big issue and strengthening the South-West Security Network for proper policing and possible adoption as state Police is a major part of his plan.




In his words; ” Insecurity is a major issue across the country and for the south-west and as part of my belief in restructuring, I will strengthen Amotekun and possibly adopt it as a state police for the region.”




Speaking on restructuring, the governor said the nation cannot shy away from restructuring even though it means different things to different people.




“Restructuring differs across the regions but we must come forward and argue it. I present my fact, you present yours and we find a common ground to achieve it. Devolution of power to states is a must if we must progress in Nigeria.”





The governor later proceeded to the residence of Senator Ademola Adeleke, to congratulate him on his affirmation by a federal high court in Osogbo as the validly elected candidate of the PDP for the July 16 governorship election.




In Ogun, the chairman of the PDP governors’ forum said providing a conducive business environment to expand industrialization in Ogun as well as agriculture are his plans for the state should he emerge as President of Nigeria.




“Honourable Ladi Adebutu is here and he can confirm that a conducive business environment is what businessmen need. This I know and I will ensure I provide for proper expansion of industrialization in Ogun state. Of course like I said in Osun, State police is a must. We must give more powers to the states if we must develop as a nation.”



While engaging the delegates, the Former Speaker said he has the right qualities to lead Nigeria and want the delegates to vote with a clear mind devoid of sentiments.




” We must circumspect in electing who becomes our flag-bearer. We cannot afford to experiment again. We need a president who can engage his peers in international politics and with the right network. We need a president who has the right temperament, capacity, and competence and if you look at all of these factors, I check the box.




“I’m well qualified to lead Nigeria. With my background as a lawyer and a life bencher, 12 years of legislative experience, and 7 years as governor of Sokoto State, I know what the issues are and I will assemble the best team across the length and breadth of our Nation.





He added that he is a team player and “my colleagues who served with me in the House of Representatives can serve as my referees.


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