The vice President Kamara Harris  of the United States of America has expressed hope  that next  year’s  general elections will be peaceful  and reflective  of the will of the people.


The USVP  spoke  at the White House  after a meeting  with her Nigerian Counterpart, VP Yemi  Osinbajo.




Harris also eulogized Nigeria’s leadership  role in upholding  democracy  in West Africa.




She said, ‘’Nigeria  has also been  an important  partner  in upholding  the International  rules-based  order, whether  it is tackling   the  democratic  backsliding  that  we’ve  been seeing  in West Africa, or standing  up for Ukraine at the United Nations’’.



‘’The United States remains  committed to supporting  free and fair  elections in Nigeria next February elections , which  we have confidence  will be peaceful  and reflect  the will of the people  and of course,

We do feel strongly , as I know you do, that Nigeria is and must  remain  a bastion  of democracy    for West  Africa.’’



‘’More  broadly, Africa leadership  is key  to confronting  all of the global  challenges  we face  and to that  end, Nigeria is key . So, we look  forward  to strengthening  our partnership’’.



Harris said African leadership , and in particular, Nigeria’s leadership , was key  to confronting  regional and global  challenges. She lauded  the discussions  to strengthen  the existing  relationships between  the United States  and Nigeria and commended  Nigeria’s Energy  Transition Plan(ETP) under Osinbajo’s leadership, saying ,’’I have  no question  that they –ETP goals  would be achieved.’’





In recognition  of his  ongoing global advocacy  on a just energy transition towards 2060 net-zero  emissions target, VP Harris said  her Nigerian  counterparts had ‘’been  an extraordinary leader on this issue  and I noticed  this is something  you feel  very strongly  about  and you  you have been  very adamant  about the role  Nigeria is playing  in addressing  this crisis  that face us all’’.



Harris said the United States had committed $7 billion  in food security  and humanitarian  assistance  to African countries over the past  year alone



Speaking  on America’s leadership role in Climate Change, Prof. Osinbajo noted  the ‘’United States’’  leadership  in the area  of Climate Change and we  are all excited to queue behind the US and see that we  get many  of these objectives’’.




Nigeria’s VP told his counterpart that Nigeria’s recently launched  Energy Transition Plan(ETP) , (just last week) is the country’s  master plan  for addressing issues  of climate  crisis and energy poverty.


He added , that  Nigeria will require   investment support  towards  the implementation of the Energy  Transition Plan , referring  to his earlier meetings  in the past few days  in the US  Capital  at the World  Bank Group, the US Treasury and the US Agency for International  Development, USAID.



Osinbajo  said , both countries must continue to work together  at the bilateral  and multilateral  levels  to address common  global challenges , promote peace and security , tackle pandemics, climate change, and economic  adversity. He also praised the US Inflation Reduction Act.



‘’We also  must appreciate the firm  support that we  received  from the US especially  in our fight  against  terrorism  within  our borders and in the Sahel  and of course, the very timely  donation  of vaccines, 4 million  vaccines, as we battled the COVID-19 pandemic . And that, of course , was extremely  useful,’’ he added.





























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