There, are some places of work that employees want to stay as long as they are comfortable and progressing irrespective of  pay packets. Also, there are many workplaces that no sooner workers are employed than they long for how to opt out.

Below are 10 tips of what can create a workplace that people want to leave not minding even the huge pay packets:

  1. Leave people out of the loop and never involve them in decisions or problem -solving.
  2. Dump solutions on them without context or background.
  3.  Always say  and demonstrate that your people are children, lazy  or criminals and thank God that you are there to stop them from stealing the rug…..
  4.  Discourage flexibility of approach and tell people what to do and how.
  5. Fail to match work to competence and give people the wrong job.
  6. Talk rudely and derogatively to your employees in public  in the name of correction.
  7. When you play selective justice or favouritism , divide and rule among staff.
  8. The welfare of your staff is not always taken into consideration but only to work and everything centres on yourself and your family.
  9. When you always threaten your staff to resign at the slightest mistakes or provocation.
  10. When as the boss, you break rules at will without recourse to policy but blames others for it.

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