7-Year-Old Boy Who Has Never Been Enrolled in School Solves Complex Mathematics Questions in a Jiffy.
The story of a 7-year-old math prodigy, Chukwuemeka, who was unable to attend school owing to delayed speech development has been making waves online.
Undeterred by his son’s inability to talk, the boy’s father helped unleash his son’s hidden talents by teaching him at home.
A Nigerian man who recently reached out to the little boy’s father has decided to support and pave the way for Chukwuemeka’s bright future.
Seven-year-old Chukwuemeka’s academic journey began at home after facing rejection to be enrolled in a school due to his delayed speech. Ads by Undeterred, his smart father took it upon himself to teach his son everything he needed to know. 7-year-old mathematics genius impresses netizens online 7-year-old boy solves Mathematics questions .( Source: UGC)
A father’s determination to overcome challenges and discover the unique abilities of his son Despite not being a teacher, he dedicated himself to nurturing Chukwuemeka’s talents and abilities.
The little boy who began talking at four years old not only learnt all that his father taught but also became a mathematician who solves complex questions in seconds. A stunned man named @winexviv on X reached out to Chukwuemeka through a video call.
During their lengthy conversation, Chukwuemeka’s genius abilities shone through as he effortlessly answered complex math questions within seconds. Impressed by his remarkable abilities, the man pledged full support from his organisation to ensure that Chukwuemeka reached his full potential.
The man wrote: “This morning I had a lengthy video call with Chukwuemeka (The 7-year-old maths genius) and his Dad. He is truly a genius oooo!!!
He answered all the complex maths questions I asked in seconds.
Emeka Ike’s son reveals, video trends “Chukwuemeka was not enrolled in any school because he couldn’t speak early. The school the parents tried enrolling him into rejected him because he couldn’t speak yet. He started speaking at 4 years and 2 months.
“The Dad took it upon himself to teach his son everything he needed to know and surprisingly he started discovering his unique abilities. Meanwhile, the dad is not a teacher but has to learn to teach his son.
“My organisation will be supporting him fully and will ensure that he reaches his full potential. He will be enrolling in a school from September 2024.
” Reactions as man shares story of intelligent 7-year-old boy News of Chukwuemeka’s story spread rapidly, capturing the hearts of netizens who expressed their eagerness to contribute financially towards his education. Their generosity aimed to provide Chukwuemeka with the resources necessary to receive the best education possible.
With the combined efforts of the organisation, netizens, and his father’s unwavering dedication, Chukwuemeka is set to be enrolled in school from September 2024, ready to embark on a promising educational journey.
Ntú Mágbúrú Ényí of Igboland said: “Alex, I am game on this oh. I promised to pay this boy’s school fees. Na me go pay the first one before una takes over at least.
Talking about his father, I think we can work something out for him as well. Ka anyi kwa na DM.” @ose_okpamen reacted: “If there’s a way to enrol him in a higher class it’s better.
Don’t let Nigeria slow him down. There are 12-year-olds with master’s degrees abroad. A genius should be allowed to fly not caged.” @ronaldnzimora reacted: “If you need any help, donations, etc, please ask. I am here to support you. Blessings.” @chymaker reacted:
“Some of us are willing to support as much as we can. Just ask and we will see how much we can support and also reach out to others.
”  Emeka Ike’s son Michael apologises to his mother, she responds, the video leaves many talking @mcihajji commented: “Children’s development is remarkable.
They develop differently. Parents should not panic when they notice their children are not yet talking. It’s not a spiritual attack.” @harrisonodoh1 reacted:
“The same story as Einstein, he did not speak early.” @Christabel9 reacted: “That’s a great job you’re doing may the Lord bless you more.
” See the post below: Smart kid solves maths questions Meanwhile, Legit. ng previously reported that a young boy who loves to play with mathematical figures has gone viral. His parents posted his video on TikTok. The TikTok video has ballooned and gained more than 1.2 million likes as of Monday, October 23.
The boy impressed many people who saw how he was able to arrive at correct answers to the questions given to him. There were eight questions on the whiteboard, and he was required to solve them all correctly.
The mathematics questions comprised of addition, multiplication, division and minus. Read also “A very good father”: Reactions as Portable shows off children’s matching Christmas outfits What mostly impressed TikTok users was that the boy did not use a calculator.

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