The Governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke has congratulated the government and the entire people of the state by declaring that the new year 2024 looks promising as his administration is poised to focus attention on cushioning the current economic hardship which Nigerians are currently battling with.
The Governor made this known in his New Year broadcast to the people of the State during which he emphasized that he will remain focused on his 5-point agenda.
    In the message, Governor Adeleke appreciated the love and support extended to him and his administration in the outgone year just as he sought a repeat of such gestures in the new year and beyond.
The statewide broadcast to the people also allowed him to take stock of his achievements in 2023 and resolve to do more in the new year for growth and development in all sectors.
Notwithstanding the myriad of challenges, which he described as surmountable,
the state Governor maintained his resolve and that of his cabinet
to continue to deliver on their electoral promises.
He spoke further, “As a people, our nation is passing through serious economic challenges. As a sub-national entity, Osun, like all other states within the federation, bears harsh consequences of inflationary crisis, high cost of living, and unstable exchange rates. These are macro and micro economic issues largely beyond the purview of the state governments. In this national economic crisis, the Federal Government through the National Economic Council, attempted to create a collective focus for a solution. All states committed themselves to this national joint effort. This resulted in specific interventions designed to cushion the negative fallouts of the national dislocation in the national economy.
“We, as a state government, commend President Bola Tinubu for his relentless action towards economic restoration. But as we all know and as we are still experiencing, the economic crisis continues unabated despite our best efforts. Osun, through the National Economic Council, is collaborating with the central government to support federal initiatives targeted at reducing inflation, and cost of living, and stabilising the national economy.
” I assure our people that the various intervention funds received from the Federal Government and development partners are being carefully applied for various purposes as designed, ranging from infrastructure, wage award, and transport logistics to social investment as manifested in the many completed and ongoing grassroots development projects in Osun state. Our administration ensures strict compliance with due process, procurement laws, and public service financial regulations.
Beyond supporting federal initiatives, our government is also ensuring the judicious application of intervention resources for maximum impact. Unlike the practice in the past, our government is focussing on groups with a likely multiplier effect on the larger society. We are aware of the strong nexus between formal and informal sectors of Osun society”. The Governor enunciated.
Governor Adeleke, however, made it clear that his administration has fully embarked
on implementing an ambitious state agenda which targets infrastructure upgrades, diversifying the state’s economic base and deepening the revenue structure of the state.
He listed the multi-billion naira infra plan that was launched a few months ago to include Phase 2 of the reconstruction and furnishing of schools, making a total of 35 schools; Phase 2 of the water projects:  332 water projects, one in each ward of the state; renovation, and in some cases, reconstruction and furnishing of primary care health centres, 345 in number with, at least, one in every ward of the state; Phase 2 of rehabilitation and Construction of  roads across the State of about 1.5 Kilometers in each LGAs, totalling 31 kilometres of roads; dualization of Old Garage – Okefia – Lameco road, Osogbo; dualization of Ilesa/Akure -Brewery – Palace road, Ilesha; dualization of Akoda-Baptist High School – Oke Gada road, Ede; construction of flyover Okefia Roundabout, Osogbo; construction of flyover at Lameco Roundabout, Osogbo;
construction of Flyover at Alamisi Junction roundabout, Ikirun;
construction of a flyover at Mayfair Roundabout, Ile Ife, to mention but a few.
He assured the people of the State that he is embarking on those gigantic projects without borrowing money from any quarter”, Governor Adeleke rounded off his New Year broadcast.
By Sunday Okunade

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