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It’s not an over statement that, no matter what some people may try or do, they may find it difficult to achieve their desired breakthrough. This is but a reality of life. Some people think that success comes just like a drop of water into a bucket or rain drops from the sky without them playing some vital roles in life.

Success is a two way thing- the spiritual and the physical. The physical is that part you must play in life for you to achieve your life’s mission on earth. It is the role that you must play in life that would attract the spiritual for success. The spiritual is what relates to the elements of the cosmic.

Here, we shall gradually be looking at the different things you need to employ that will provoke success into your life. This shall be in series, one, after the other:

1. MIND- The first thing to consider is the mind. How do you think? What do you think? Whatever you think in your mind will provoke success for you or otherwise. You must think well. Thinking may be a stressful exercise yet, you must learn to think creatively. Someone once said, ’’If you don’t think, you will stink’’. Thinking provokes motion of development and success in life. It is important for you to know that what you do is what you think and what you think is what you do. What thinking does is that it makes you to craft a goal. Without a goal you might just look like a goat later in life. Your goal has a way of pushing you to take an action. The summary of it is that one of the solutions to your successful living is the mind. To succeed you must work very hard on your thinking pattern. You only get the solution from the mind by positive thoughts. Every successful human being you heard of, or come across today attain their feat through what they once conceived in their minds and later splashed to actions.


Another thing we need to know is the word ‘’Ask’’. To many of us, the problem we have is that we don’t ask questions. Many prefer to die in silence than ask questions in area where they have challenges. No man succeeds without asking questions. You will need people to direct you one time or on any venture you take in life. But you must ask the right question from the right person. In other words, always make a conscious effort to look for the right person to ask question from. You need wisdom to do this.


Make a deliberate effort to learn the skill involved in any venture or business you go into. Skills are learnt. Any successful person you see today in any field , has learnt the skill of that business. But time is needed to learn the skill. One needs to invest time. Great people invest time in acquiring skill, while small people don’t bother about investment.


Another law of success is your selling point. What is your selling point? Your selling point is your area of high performance that is very sellable. Especially most sellable amongmany. Sometimes people cannot almost do without it. Please, do everything you can to discover your selling point . When you discover your selling point , do everything possible to sharpen it , because it is your selling point that will take you to the apex of your career.


Your foundation is another aspect we must not joke with. In every thingin life, foundation is necessary. T o succeed in life you must spend time working on your foundation. All the super structures you see todayhave solid foundation , hence they can stand the test of time. The same applies to any onewho wants to succeed in any venture. Work on the foundation of your business. Whenthe foundation of your business is solidenough , the structure will be balanced.


You should learn how to start small. So many people have made the mistake of trying to

Start big, maybe starting from the top without having the ‘down’. Anyone who does that is living in a fools’ paradise. Nobody climbs the ladder from the top but starts from the bottom rung until he gets to the top. Step by step progress makes the biggest success.

To be continued………


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The simple definition or meaning of tourism is to travel for pleasure or business. This could be a time to spend your time away from your home either for business ventures or relaxation with your family or loved ones to ease yourself from the hustle and bustle of your environment, especially when on annual vacation.

The saying, travelling is part of education is germane with tourism as a product of modern, social arrangements which emanated from the Western Europe around 17th century. Tourism gave birth to the famous historical Seven Wonders of the World, later known as tourist sites for the Greeks and Romans. Thus we have: (1) the Pyramids of Giza,(2) hanging garden of Babylon,(3) The statue of Zeus,(4)temple of Artemis at Ephesus(5) Mausoleum  of Halicarnassus of the Anatolian king ,(built by his widow Artemisia), (6) Colossus of Rhodes, a huge bronze statue built at the harbor of Rhodes in  commemoration  of the  raising  of the siege of Rhodes (305-306), (7) Pharos of Alexandria- the famous lighthouse of the ancient world built  for Ptolemy II of Egypt on the Island of  Pharos off  Alexandria.  We could also mention the walls of Babylon or the palace of king Cyrus of Persia to mention a few.

Tourism is not so well developed or reckoned with in Nigeria probably, this was owing to the ignorance of the people or government not aware of the much economic advantages that could be derived from it. Nigeria is rich in culture and ancient artifacts which are relics of our progenitors and could be of much interest and value to us as a people and foreigners if better focus or attention is given to it.

Nearly every state of the Federation has one or more things to showcase to the world that could bring additional income to the coffers of the government or individual operator. Below are some of these tourist and recreational centres in Nigeria-( the list is inexhaustible):

ABIA STATE-Akwuete Blues Tourist Village, War Museum, Umuahia, Museum of Colonial History etc

BAUCHI STATE-Yankari Game Reserve, Yankari National Park

BORNU STATE- Lake Chad Sanctuary

CROSS RIVER STATE- Cross River National Park, Obudu Cattle Ranch, now known as Obudu Mountain Resort, (located on Obudu plateau and close to the Cameroon border)

EDO STATE- Okomu National Park

ENUGU- NikeLike Holiday Resort

IMO STATE-Oguta Lake

KANO STATE- Palm Beach Tourist Village, Falgone Game Reserve, Kano City Walls, Kano Tourist Camp

LAGOS STATE-First Storey Building in Nigeria, Badagry, Lagos Bar Beach, Muritala Botanical Garden, National Museum, Onikan, Lekki Conservation Centre, National Theatre, Iganmu, Tarkwa Bay, Whispering Palms, Relics of Slavery ,in Badagry etc.

Niger- Kanji Lake National Park

OGUN STATE- Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

ONDO STATE- Ikogosi Warm Spring, Idanre Hills

OSUN STATE- Osun Grove

OYO STATE- Ibadan Trans Amusement Park

PLATEAU STATE- Jos Museum, Jos Wildlife Park, Mando Tourist Village, Museum of Traditional architechture,Jos

RIVERS STATE- Isaac Boro Park, Isaka  Holiday Resort

The governments and people should invest more in tourism and assist the viable ones as it was done for the Osun Grove classified as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This will encourage foreign and local travelers to yearn to visiting them.

The economic significance of tourist centres are numerous. They provide jobs for the tour guides. Local and foreign people are employed to work in their restaurants. For the well established ones, with hotel facilities, people are employed as hotel staff thereby providing additional income for such communities located in. They also pay taxes to government which in turn are used for infrastructural development of the country Foreigners who come on vacations (including the local ones) with their families, come with dollars, Pond Sterling and Euros which are exchanged for our local currencies which will help to stabilize our economy both at community level s and nationwide because of foreign exchange transactions that would take place.

In places where these tourist centres are, roads leading to the sites are built or repaired. Parks and other social amenities are put in place for people to enjoy. Apart from these, either locally or internationally, visitors would interact with one another, appreciate and understand diverse cultures,(Local performances, drama etc) Also ,they buy local products as souvenirs when leaving for their  countries of origin or cities.

In a nutshell, the governments  should look inward to unearth tourist centres  all over the country and help to develop and sustain them For example, in Osun state, there are  some likely tourist centres  or locations that are historical  and needed to be explored: the ELEYINLA MOUNTAIN, the OLD ‘’ILE OYINBO’’,’’ IBUDO KIRIJI’’, OKUTA ‘’LOSA( OKUTA LATOSA ) and ‘’OKUTA MEWA’’,all in Igbajoland in Osun  state which could be developed as tourist  centres to  bring in internally generated funds  and  good development to the state.

BY-Idowu Julius

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Everybody is elated when he or she secures a lucrative job. There is usually a sense of fulfillment and joy in the pride of achievement. The next thing is to be looking ahead to further achievements. However, if care is not taken, the euphoria of a good job might becloud ones reasoning and eventually culminated to a job loss if caution is not applied. Here are some of the things we need to guide against for us to remain effective, efficient and relevant on the job:

  1. Be punctual at work
  2. Avoid eye service
  3. Don’t argue with your Boss even when you are right- use wisdom to put in your points and be polite in doing this
  4. Obey or follow instructions
  5. Stick to the schedules and don’t break company policies
  6. Give sincere and quality service
  7. Get along with others
  8. Be cheerful and helpful
  9. Don’t look for shortcuts
  10. Don’t take offence when you are criticized constructively but use it as a springboard for improvement
  11. Minimize your complaints and don’t be lazy
  12. Drop your problem at home –don’t wear it to the office
  13. Take pride in your job
  14. Don’t envy those ahead of you
  15. Don’t demand reward for every service rendered.
  16. Train your subordinates
  17. Share your experience with others
  18. Take responsibility for all your actions
  19. Give official documentation a top priority
  20. Be honest and maintain your integrity.
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Your career is very important to you as it is to other people. Nobody wishes to be changing position or career randomly like a chameleon. But the truth is that as times go on, one thing or the other may lead to you reconsidering your stand in a job or career and unless you take a decisive decision, staying in that job may no longer give you self fulfillment which may subsequently leads to frustration or a bleak. Below are early signs or signals that you are stuck in a stagnant career and needs to move on:

  1.      When every single day looks like a Monday
  2.      You are getting abused
  3.      Your skills and contributions are no longer important
  4.      No increase in salary, welfare not improved and there is no role change
  5.      You are bored on the job or at work
  6.      You have lost touch with your family and friends.


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