The Rivers State Police Command has arrested a pregnant woman identified as Blessing Godday for allegedly stabbing another woman, Mrs Imeran Idema, to death over a bunch of plantain allegedly stolen by the former in Adada community in the Abua/Odual Local Government Area of the state.





Blessing, 32, who is a mother of nine, reportedly stabbed Idema for trying to stop her from running away with a bunch of plantain she allegedly stole from a plantation while trying to get food for her children.

Though the incident occurred on January 28, 2003, the police arrested Blessing on Friday.



It was gathered that Mrs Idema, who was keeping watch over the plantation for her family, had told Blessing to drop the bunch of plantain but she refused leading to an argument.

A source narrated the incident to our correspondent thus, “Mrs. Imeran Idema, machete in hand, immediately accosted her (Blessing) and asked her to surrender the bunch of plantain.

“‘Drop that plantain,’ Imeran shouted as she approached Blessing, who also had a sharp machete with which she had illegally harvested the bunch of plantain.

“Instead, Blessing bolted towards another exit. Imeran ran after her, and she grabbed the fleeing woman and threatened to use the machete on her.

“Blessing then stopped running and faced her (Imeran). An altercation ensued, which led to Imeran landing a blow on Blessing’s right foot.

“Blessing then dropped the bunch and launched vicious attacks with her own machete. She hit out with the machete, inflicting two cuts on Imeran’s head and shoulder.

“Imeran collapsed in pain and Blessing quickly left the scene, abandoning the bunch of plantain and fled.

“Members of Imeran’s family who heard her screams came to her aid, took her for medical treatment, and reported the case to the police.”

Continuing, the source who chose to remain anonymous said, “The police arrested Blessing and, after questioning her, released her to receive medical attention for the cut on her foot.

“She was later rearrested and when she got to the police station, she got the information that Imeran had died.”

When contacted, spokesman for the state police command, Grace Iringe-Koko, confirmed the incident, saying the suspect had been charged to court.

Iringe-Koko stated, “Yes, I can confirm the incident. The woman was arrested and the matter has been charged to court.”


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