By Felix Ojo

The media is awash recently with the sponsored propaganda from the stable of Osun Chief Judge as she has left her hallowed Chambers for the cyberspace in a manner consistent with that of arch propagandists. It seems the Osun State Chief Judge prefers to have scores settled on the social media rather than in the law courts or established judicial institutions and investigative/adjudicatory panels. Since she has chosen to go the route of recruiting social media town criers and compromised civil society groups in a manner that is capable of desecrating the temple of justice, the very platform that shot her into limelight, then, it is better that the battle ring be staged on the social media for her to test her strength.

We understand that the Osun Chief Judge is taking the advantage of the ongoing Judges Conference in Abuja to curry undue favour, unwarranted pity and unjustifiable sympathy from brother judges while trying to cover up her misdeeds, gross-misconducts, disobedience to court orders, violation of rule of law and corruption.

The Osun Chief Judge spit at the face of justice; the symbolic blindfolded woman holding a balance on one hand and a sword on the other hand, traditionally suggestive of doing justice to all manners of people without favour, ill-will or affection. That is justice that we all know a judge personifies, however the Osun Chief Judge has pulled down the innocent “woman” and pooed on her head.

While nobody is fighting her still, being pricked by her conscience, the Osun Chief Judge has been fighting everybody on her way including her own shadows. Yes, the woman is a politician to the core no doubt; and using the garb of an innocent judge, she is in her body, spirit and soul a devil incarnate.

Well, the ADEDOYIN PROPAGANDA has dominated the social media courtesy of the Osun Chief Judge and her social media errand boys and cyber recruits. The question on the lips of reasonable people is that would this be the first time a murder convict would be sentenced to death by a court even by the Osun Chief Judge herself since her becoming a judge? Come to think of it, ADEDOYIN’s lawyers were the very lawyers who opposed Governor Adeleke’s bid to become the Governor of Osun State pre and post the 2022 Osun Governorship election. While not trading any blame here that a lawyer is doing his professional job by representing a client in court, it is just clean to state that the whole of ADEDOYIN’s legal team was populated by the APC legal team who fought Adeleke fiercely. Adeleke was sworn-in as Governor in November, 2022, judgement in ADEDOYIN’s case was delivered in May, 2023. At what point in time did Adeleke make any move to intercede for ADEDOYIN whether personally or through any of his allies or associates? Adeleke that did not instruct the Office of the Attorney-General of Osun to debrief Femi Falana SAN or to enter a nolle to discontinue ADEDOYIN’s case, how much more, when the matter was seriously monitored by all manners of people, journalists, human right activists, bloggers both nationally and internationally? At what point in time did Governor Adeleke make the move, if truly he did, to rescue ADEDOYIN, and through which means? This is a big question ❓.

The truth is that since the APC, the preferred political party of the Osun Chief Judge, lost in Osun, she has vowed to make the case ungovernable for Governor Adeleke by destabilizing the judiciary hiding under the false claims and under the hues and cries of the opposition in Osun State. The truth is that the Osun Chief Judge has sacrificed her altar and has desecrated the temple of justice by lending herself as a tool in the hands of the APC propagandists and known “cashtivists” calling themselves activists.

Have the APC-sponsored Civil Society Groups and bloggers who are running social media errands for the Osun Chief Judge thought about the unilateral suspension of some staffs of Osun Judiciary by the Osun Chief Judge for over 30 months while she ordered that the salaries of those staffs be collected into an account designated by the Osun Chief Judge herself, without notifying ty State Government which has consistently paid the salaries of those staffs?

The social media errand guys recruited for the Osun Chief Judge by Yomi Aliyu SAN and his APC have not thought about a publication in the Nation Newspaper sometime in September, 2023 where the Osun Chief Judge was accused of high-handedness, abuse of power, corruption and lack of respect for court order?. And we all know which political party owns the Nation Newspaper.

Have the social media recruits of the Osun Chief Judge thought about sike staffs of the Judiciary in Osun who after being discharged and acquitted by court, the Osun Chief Judge wickedly transferred the Chief Magistrate who gave the judgment when there is no appeal against the judgment, and continued to put those staffs on suspension diverting their salaries into unauthorised pockets?.

Have those town criers and bloggers thought about the Osun Chief Judge bringing revenue consultant for E-affidavit without the approval of the State Government, and receiving such money into private pockets, and paying token in turn into the State Government coffers.

How about the sum of #7.5m recovered as proceeds of robbery from now condemned armed robbers, ordered to be forfeited into state government’s coffers which the Osun Chief Judge has now diverted?

How about the conference fees for Judges and Magistrates to Thailand which she refused to take along some judges and Magistrates and yet, did not pay them any allowance and did not return the funds to the government coffers.

How about mismanagement of funds, the deliberate killing of the High Court Library by the Osun Chief Judge despite the fact that funds are being allocated for the Library by the State Government?

How about her bad mannerism and poor relationship with Magistrates and brother judges?

How about her escapades with the opposition APC helping them to prepare briefs and institute actions against the present Administration in Osun?

The compromised civil society and cashtivists are not seeing to the plight of the illegally suspended staffs. They are not saying anything about Governor Adeleke’s gesture to the Judiciary by paying their allowances regularly to the extent of clearing backlog of allowances owed retired Judges in Osun.

Many many of such acts of gross misconduct, corruption and abuse of office that the Governor closed his eyes against, so as to save her. Yet, she is the one who has shifted the boxing ring to the social media and having offered herself to fight naked in the public by recruiting social media criers and “cashtivists” calling themselves activists, she should be ready to roll in the mud.

Well, a little above are the instances and cases of misconduct, abuse of office and corruption by the Osun Chief Judge which the Governor has not even looked into despite that the complaint has reached his table, but for the fact that both the Governor and the Osun Chief Judge are from the same home town, people believe that the Governor may not take any step so as to save her sister from the same town.

However, an ungrateful she is, she has drawn a dagger at her benefactor, and as such, she has walked to the market square naked, she should be ready to dance to the music.

Felix Ojo from Obokun, Osun State.


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