Namibia Teenager Invented Phone That Calls Without Sim Card or Airtime


Technology has been embraced all over the world especially in Africa in order to bring development closer to the people and make communication easier where it is not available as in the advanced world.

This perhaps is one of the reasons why a Young Namibian, Simeon Petrus found it necessary to invent a smartphone that could solve one of the difficulties of his people in the area of communications.

Simon is a Namibian citizen from the Oshinkunde Region. He graduated from Iyambo Senior Secondary School. After his discovery, he went to a technical school to study Computer Science.

He collected content from cell phones, landline phones, stereo, and TV. He utilized them to create a smartphone that would not need a carrier, does not require airtime balance replacement, and can reach any mobile number.

Simon came from a humble family who could not sorely finance their son’s big project but determined to assist him on his innovation through various sources of funds contributions.

The invention (box) includes among others a rotor, the light bulb, and a charging port. Radio waves are used to make the connections work. It also has radio channels and a TV channel that collects transmissions from an aerial.

The machine can also be used as a network connection amplifier, which is useful for citizens living in rural areas with the poor network coverage.

You could use the box system to phone any mobile number in the world, from any location.

It took Simon almost two (2) years working on this innovation before completion.

Simon’s family was unable to finance his tuition fees owing to their poor financial standing but fortunately was granted huge financial assistance that could support his studies and innovation.

Simon had won several contests to his credit even before his recent innovation of the phone box and he has become a celebrity that is making the Namibians proud of him.


Source: Opera News