Mohbad’s father was only seemingly soft, weak, assuming and not too intelligent, these are natural traits, not parental failure.

God never distributed those things equally.

In a conversation, I told one of my good friend; ‘I remember one of our conversation on fb where you derided someone who supposedly acted against his wife, when you do not know the root or facts leading to his action. I remember how I told you that as a lawyer who had seen through so many part of life called marriage, following miriads of witnessed and handled divorce cases, family disputes, I could only deduce that, if you are lucky to have a good wife or husband, do not rob it on others who are not that lucky’.

I’d been an advocate of walking away from a deadly wife or husband and/or any untrusted partner likely to kill you… (Story for another day)

From all indications and facts under review, Mohbad is an adult, (27) years, reasonably well trained and/or behaved when alive. As an adult, he is detached from his father, he is married with kid and can take care of himself. At such level of life, your parents are no longer seriously held accountable for anything that happens to you and/or anything you chose to do in person and/or with your life; they can only advise, which you are

Even many whose sons and daughters are deliquents and vagabonds are quick to cast the first stone at Mohbad’s father. What a height of hypocrisy!

Yet, we’ve seen every moves made by Mohbad’s father as a parent of an adult, despite his low level of exposure, education, access to funds and all restraints that negatively affected his cordiality with his son (i.e. wife, his son’s busy schedule and fame), he still managed to guide him, send him to school, advise him, pray for him, put him in his gospel music back up singers (which influenced Mohbad’s career), counsel him, among other efforts, despite his mother’s absence. It is to be noted, Children cared for despite mother’s absence are considered very lucky, by a Yoruba adage; ‘Aya ti ko ba wuni, omo ee kin wu oko’ which is interpreted to mean, ‘the mother of a child not loved by husband, her children cannot be loved by such husband’ only elders can relate well to that proverb, especially when another woman is present and had taken over the role of wife to such father, it takes a man with fear of God and strong personal principles to still behave accordingly towards that child (another long story in line of that proverb for later days).

From all indications, It was Mohbad that even failed his father; Listen to Mohbad’s song, ‘I’m sorry’.

It must be related, that all through his life and career, Mohbad never at anytime disparaged his father. He praised him rather and warned him to stay out of the struggle with his gang, knowing them fully well and what they can do. So baba being a pastor can only relate with God in prayer. Before now, how many persons in the industry has spoken up of the oppression involved? Issue with Dj Splash and torrents of oppressed and destroyed artists now being blown open were previously shadow no one dares to delve into, their parents and families inclusive.

Fast forward, Mohbad’s father has been complaining about the wife of his son, whom he claimed totally turned Mohbad away from his own family, owing from the popular ‘won ti ko Ifun ee lo’ interview, which was granted after his son’s demise; he expressed concerns that his son while alive acted outside proportion, he emphasized that his son behaved strangely under the wife and the wife’s mother influence, and he seems not to be able to think or do anything without the wife and his wife mother’s nod. (Another story for another day)

It is worthy of note, that Mohbad’s father was not there when he was pronounced dead, but, I suppose the wife was there all along, otherwise, she should be asked where she was while all events played out against her husband’s life. Many conversations came out about Mohbad and her wife, suggesting mohbad was being harmed by the wife (mostly mentally); In Mohbad lifetime, conversation ensued between Mohbad and wife suggesting that many evidences, back ups and personal information on Mohbad’s i-cloud were deleted on his phone by the wife without his consent; allegedly, the wife has access to mohbad’s phones, bank accounts and other personal details; All Mohbad’s properties which he and his family members don’t know the location were allegedly bought in the wife’s name and wife’s mothers name; to which Mohbad’s father was not comfortable with. At such, it forms the basis of his convince on why his son could have been killed, hence hastily granting that infamous interview ‘won to ko ifun ee lo’; Infidelity accusations also came out about the wife, and other news suggesting she was dating another person under Marlian label outside her late husband. Reasons some men are calling for DNA test on Mohbad’s child in order to leave no stone unturned.

It was the claim that the wife was there all along with Mohbad’s friends from the time Mohbad was taken to the hospital till the time they declared Mohbad dead in the car, even when it was observed that Mohbad’s body was still moving, allegedly. Supposedly, she was there when they carried him away till the point of burial. If not, where was she? All the hospital escapades without her knowledge or the knowledge of Mohbad’s father or mother?

The husband could not have been buried without the consent of the wife. It’s impossible, not when she has his child!

I’m quite sure, it was upon information to the father ‘that his son was dead’ that he agreed to his burial under uncertain circumstances, which any person of Yoruba extraction would naturally do. By Yoruba culture, No parent is permitted to see the dead body of his child. The parents are not permitted to be at the burial site of his/her child, It’s ‘oku ofo’ (sorrowful death) in Yoruba language, and same is laced with it own routine and tradition, which Mohbad father has not gone outside of.

If a child die and he / she is survived by either or both parents, the worse that happens is that they inform such parent (male or female). But in some circumstances, if such parents are aged, not of sound health, and/or for the fact that the consequence of such news would hunt them hastily to their death, they simply keep the death news away, and the child would be buried without the parents’ knowledge. That’s our custom and tradition in Yoruba land.

I’m sure Mohbad’s father didn’t sight Mohbad corpse based on tradition. He would have only given permission for the burial upon information under unknown circumstances (i.e. bewitchment, terrified, depression, persuasion, threat, hopelessness or other circumstances) remember, he was not dealing with ordinary people.

It’s on record that the sister to Mohbad’s wife residing in the US granted interview to popular OAP, Daddy freeze, stating that she pleaded that Mohbad should not be buried at night. The question that readily comes to mind is, to whom did she speak with or persuade on phone that Mohbad not be buried? She never mentioned, all indication shows she only spoke with her sister, (Wife to Mohbad). It is understandable that the family of husband that had consistently been sent away from their child, denied access, and/or not in good terms with the wife of their child would not speak with you in that circumstance. They will simply say, ‘shebi e ti pa, see ko tan?’ meaning, ‘You are satisfied now, thay you have killed him’…

Consent could only have been gotten from baba that Mohbad be buried (based on tradition) but not that he would compulsorily mandate that he be buried that night, no evidence of such and since he could naturally not be at his grave site. The question is, who were those persons in a hurry to have Mohbad buried that night and so fast in the morning when middle night attempt failed? Remember, no one could have buried him without the consent of the wife.

All these factors were neglected because Mohbad’s dad (not in his right sense due to his son’s demise) granted interview, and Mohbad’s wife was smart enough not to grant any interview at about same time.

Mohbad song ‘sorry’ as short as it is said the whole lot about his life. His father, mother, family, except his wife, which I know he kept away for personal reasons, we only had some clue to the kind of wife Mohbad dealt with all along through a separate evidence of the last fisticuff between him and his wife, which was shortly before his demise. In that video, Mohbad was directly accusing the wife of plotting to kill him.

Mohbad’s wife is a prime suspect, let justice take its turn.

Let everyman be grateful, if he thinks he is wise and smart. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are not given by God to all men of this world in equal proportion. Some still has all those without grace or luck. So thank God if you have them, and you are smart and full of grace.

Men all round the world are vulnerable. Majority of men can not think or live a full life of independence in actual and accurately without the wife and/or women. Men helter skelter attempts to fend for the family and fulfill potentials leaves them to no time to take care of themselves or think accurately. Men are not emotionally strong like women. Connection of women with their children are far deeper. Men die easily. Been elderly makes you more vulnerable. At Mohbad father’s age, he did not rest despite his vulnerability as an elderly man of peace. His son died under same condition of vulnerability. What I’m stating here is far deeper. Can you compare the attitude of your aged father to your aged mother concerning you? (Story for another day)

You will agree that no man is perfect. All of our parents have their strengths and weaknesses. (Natural, acquired or both) parental upbringings, societal factors, education etc are all factors that modes the conducts of a man.

Seeing through all, as a person well trained in the art of logic, deductive reasoning and syllogism; I can emphatically state that, the only true and good person Mohbad had while alive was his father, but Mohbad was too distant from him.

As a Gospel artist who always place his Son behind him as a back up singer, Mohbad’s father was a good influence on Mohbad and his career while growing, His father was the Fons et origo of his music career, he deserves our sympathy than lashes.

Mohbad’s father losing him as his child could not have been easy for him. may he be comforted, and may Mohbad’s soul continually find rest.

Mohbad’s father was only seemingly soft, weak, assuming and not too intelligent. These are natural traits, not parental failure, as someone who raised Mohbad from four years old with her sister both dumped by their mother too early without looking back, he was never a bad father. Mohbad was reasonably well raised judging by his conduct while alive.

Separate natural traits from personal failures and/or deliquencies.

May Mohbad’s Soul rest in perfect peace

©️Richarmond O. Natha-Alade
A lawyer, writing from Ibadan, Oyo State


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