MOUNTAIN OF FIRE AND MIRACLES MINISTRIES International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

Sunday Worship Service

Date: 17-03-2024

Ministering: Dr. D.K Olukoya (G.O MFM Worldwide)

Anchored Scriptures: Luke 5:1-7, Isaiah 49:15-16, Psalm 27:10

Let’s have our seats for a few minutes, God bless you. Luke 5:1-7, Isaiah 49:15-16

“The valley where helpers fail”. Peter had fished all nights, and he was already washing his nets. The Bible says ‘Peter was washing his net’, with a feeling of frustration, a feeling of hopelessness.

The Bible did not say that Peter was talking while he was washing the net, the Bible did not say that Peter was singing while he was washing the net. He had done everything a fisher man knows how to do but no way. He had arrived at the valley where even helpers fails.

Perhaps you’re here this morning, you are being frustrated, your sickness has defied medicine and you don’t know what to do. You have gone to school to improve yourself, you have acquired certificates; but with those certificates, no job.

You have tried everything but no way, it’s as if there is a conspiracy against you that has held you in bondage. All those you know who could help you, now are pretending as if they don’t know you anymore. You have gotten to the valley where helpers fail.

Peter did not invite Jesus into his boat, there was no invitation. There are miracles God brings into your life, not because you prayed or you asked for it; but God just want to give it to you. There were plenty of boats on the sea, who had retired for the night, but Jesus picked the boat of Peter.

* I decree by fire upon the life of somebody here, that Jesus shall enter into your boat, in the name of Jesus!

So, it wasn’t peter who said “come to my boat, come to my boat”, no. God had an appointment with Peter, Peter did not have an appointment with God.

* I pray for somebody here, that the cotton of reproach that the enemy is using against you; shall be lifted today, in the name of Jesus!

Peter was not fasting. Peter was not even praying, he was just washing his net. That is why success is a function of favor. Peter did not invite Jesus into his boat, Peter was not expecting any miracle. He had felt abandoned. He must have been racking his brain what he was going to tell his wife at home, that “I went into the sea to fish all night, I didn’t even come home with a dead fish”, what a frustrated fellow.

Perhaps you feel abandoned, or you feel the scar above your head has no star in it again. You feel rejected and neglected, Jesus too was rejected and neglected on the cross. But the moment he opened his mouth and said ‘it is finished’, it means any mandate that satan has over your life is broken. That is the meaning.

* I pray, that not only will Jesus enter into your boat today; He shall surprise you, He shall surprise your enemies, He shall shock your friends, in the name of Jesus!

You see, occasions arrive in life, when no one wants to help you, nobody wants to help. There are occasions like that. Psalm 27:10 tells us, ‘when my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up’. There are occasions when none wants to help.

There are other occasions, when those who want to help may fail. They genuinely want to assist, but they fail. Isaiah 49:15-16. There are other occasions, when it is beyond the ability of human beings to help.
Such valleys where helper fails was where peter found himself:

– The valley when light became darkness,

– The valley when reality becomes delusion,

– The valley when truth becomes error,

– The valley when submission becomes rebellion,

– The valley when friendliness becomes enmity,

– The valley where gentleness now turns to harshness,

– The valley where cooperation now becomes detention,

– The valley where unity is now becoming strife,

– The valley where harmony has now turned to discord,

– The valley where peace is now becoming mighty conflict,

– The valley where honor is now becoming contempt,

– The valley where commendation is now becoming complaint. They were commending you before, but now they are now complaining.

– The valley where rest becomes agitation, and praise is becoming criticism.

– The valley where trust is becoming suspicion.

– The valley where blessing is becoming revenge,

– The valley where love is fast becoming hatred,

– The valley where the man who married you, and the first day they wedded you in church, and they say “you may kiss the bride”; the man who slammed his mouth into your mouth and he was almost biting your tongue off that day, now is now telling you that “if I see you here, I will kill you”. It is a valley where helpers fail.

– The valley where kindness is becoming cruelty,

– The valley where cheerfulness is becoming melancholy,

– The valley where thanksgiving is becoming grumbling, and where faith is fast giving way to doubt, and courage is becoming fear, and hope is becoming despair.

– The valley where boldness is now becoming cowardice, and zeal is now becoming laziness.

– The valley where fulfillment is becoming frustration.

– The valley where even helpers fail.

Peter had toiled all night, without a single fish. He had all the resources for fishing, good net and a boat. He new the right time, which was in the night. He knew the right time and place to do the business.

He toiled in the night in the deep sea. He was not a lazy man, lazy men don’t go to deep sea to work at night. He was not a lazy man who did nothing, but looking for somebody to blame for his failure, or blaming his failures on faith. He worked hard, yet for all his labor at the right time, in the right places, with the right tools, he got the wrong result.

Is this your case? Then you shall be delivered today! So when Jesus came to ask for his boat, he had no hesitation to loaning free, to the unfortunate business boat. In that boat, he had known so much failure.
That was the boat that became the pulpit ofJesus. It became a pulpit on that shore, it became a tool in the master’s hand.

As Jesus preached in that boat, a strange thing began to happen; all the fishes that saw the boat of Peter and ran away, who saw the net of peter and they were dancing and not going inside the net.

All the fishes that were saying “that man has brought his foolish net here, who does he think we are, he thinks we will just walk into it”; and they walked away, the fishes all came back. I don’t know what they came to do. Perhaps like somebody suggested, “they came to listen to sermon of Jesus”. Because it’s not often the Prince of prince, the King of kings will start preaching on top of the water.

Naturally, fishes of the category that Peter wanted, were in the deep sea. But today, the King of kings and the Lord of lords was holding a service on top of water, and the fishes took to church to listen to the sermon, to hear Jesus live.

After the sermon, the King of kings was going to show appreciation to the desperate and frustrated fisher man who loaned him the boat, and the fishes were going to help the Master to settle the bill, and the fishes didn’t mind anyway. Jesus said to the depressed frustrated fisherman, ‘launch out into the deep, and put your net down’.

Peter protested, and said “Master, it’s obvious that you’re not a fisher man, we have toiled all night and caught nothing and we know these waters very well. Anyway, nevertheless at your word”, and he did it, and a great multitude came to his hand.

Has your boat failed? Let the master have the boat, and your empty boat shall bring you blessings that will be pouring over! Just one cast of the net, at the master’s direction, will be more than a life time of toil.

Just a word from that master, with the right tool, at the right places, in the right time; a word from the Master, and your poverty is over. That word from the Master and the guidance, is more important than every technique and any school you went to.

Even with the right tools, in the right place, without the Master’s guidance; you need a word from the Lord that will change your life forever. Peter went out of his way, to be a blessing to Jesus, and that blessing came back to him.

Are you here, with an empty boat, the boat has failed, you fish in the ocean of life and you caught nothing; plenty of profitless hard-work, and you tried things but there is nothing to show for it.

The first time, when I was a little boy and I went for this GCSE examination o’ level. The man sitting by my side was an old man. I looked at him, I felt sorry for him, and I also felt sorry for myself.

He was sweating, and he was talking to me at the same time. He said “my son, what is answer to number 20, is it A, B or C or D?” I will whisper to him ‘C, D’, and I will keep quiet. When we finished, I said ‘sir, how old are you’? He said “I am 55 years”. I was 16 years.

That is why a Yoruba adage says “when you use 20 years to prepare for madness, when are you going to rush into the market and begin to display”.

Many have caught the wrong fish in the ocean of life. Many have caught fish before, but the enemy stole the fish. Many have been disgraced. The motivation in the life of many have been removed.

You have an opportunity today, to ask the Master to come into your boat. Fortunately, He can come to your boat several times. Jesus touched that man, He said ‘can you see’, he said “yes, I can see but men are like trees”, and He gave him a second touch. Jesus touched him a second time and said ‘can you now see’, he said “I can see clearly”. He can come into your boat time over and over again.

Rise up on your feet now. Jesus is here, and He’s ready to do strange and awesome things. All eyes closed.

Prayer Rain:
Before Hymnal Ministration Prayers, by Pastor Sam Oloyede (S.R.O Music Ministry):

1. My Father, rearrange my destiny for uncommon explosion, in the name of Jesus!

2. My destiny, move from the dark spot, to the spotlight by fire, in the name of Jesus!

3. Doors of uncommon opportunities, open unto me by fire, in the name of Jesus!

After Testimony, Announcement and bible reading sessions prayer:

4. O God of might and power, visit me today and give me my testimonies, in the name of Jesus!

5. My Father, do what only you can do in my life, in the name of Jesus!

Before Ministrations by G.O.

All eyes closed. Jesus is here, His power is in this place, to disgrace every long term affliction, and to put to shame every garment of shame; to torment the tormentors and oppress the oppressors, to put into the reverse the gears of the enemy.

6. Ancient gates blocking my laughter, die, in the name of Jesus!

7. Every rod of the wicked attacking my progress, break, in the name of Jesus!

After Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:

Don’t joke with these prayers, pray them from your heart. Say:

8. I uproot discouragement from my heart, in the name of Jesus!

9. Fire of the enemy, expire, in the name of Jesus!

10. Where is the Lord God of Elijah, arise, come into my boat, in the name of Jesus!

11. Power of poor finishing, I am not your candidate, die, in the name of Jesus!

12. Ancestral curse of infirmity, assigned against my life, break by fire, in the name of Jesus!

13. Power assigned to kill me suddenly with sickness, you’re a liar, die, in the name of Jesus!

14. Every arresting power assigned to hold down my life, you’re a liar, die, in the name of Jesus!

God bless you🙏

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