A lady identified as Genevieve has opened up that she is still a virgin at 70 and has not been defiled.

Genevieve, who featured in Aframax English has revealed that she’s never had any intimacy since the cradle, neither has she been in any form of love affairs or relationship.

Genevieve was born in the year 1952 and grew up with this health condition that prevented her from walking.




Genevieve shared this pathetic story of her predicament and how she has been managing to move on with her life’s journey despite the storms surrounding her circumstance.



Her condition made it impossible for her to go about her daily activities without the aid of someone to assist her. Her parents had always been the ones taking care of her but they couldn’t afford to send her to school owing to a lack of funds to buy a wheelchair. Genevieve can only move by crawling.


In her narrative, while she was growing up as a child, there were serious concerns about her not being able to walk. At an age due to being walking, she was still crawling.



She said she’s still a virgin as she’s never had the opportunity to find a love partner or be intimate with anyone owing to her condition and said that she does not have the energy for relationships.




Realizing the fact that she may not get a husband, she decided to become a Nun but unfortunately, it did not work out well because her health condition does not augur well for the vocational requirements.



Genevieve lost her parents in the midst of these storms and her neighbors took on the responsibility of helping her with food as she could not get a job of her own.



Genevieve revealed that her neighbors have been responsible for her upkeep from the little they had and when they don’t have, she stays without food.




Genevieve still longs for the day she could live and be with a man of her own. When asked,  if she wants to get married if she’s lucky to get one, her reply was in the affirmative, that she’s ready to be someone’s wife as long as they’ll live together. When asked about the age of the man of her dream, she jokingly said a 21 years old man.





Notwithstanding, Genevieve still holds a beautiful smile and beautiful face despite her condition. All hope is not lost for a living soul.


Genevieve is indeed a strong lady who one will pray for God’s assistance and help from philanthropists.





Source: Divine word  photo credit:  Afrimax English/YouTube




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