Plato was a political philosopher who sojourned in a society made up of small city States with autonomous governments.


In his time, there was constant warfare and internal strife. Corruption in all its ramifications was prevalent and life was extremely difficult for an average man. Plato witnessed the rapid disintegration of Athens, morally or otherwise.

Basically, some fundamental questions of political philosophers are-who should rule? What are the qualities a ruler should posses? These are some of the salient questions Plato tried to provide answers for in his political philosophy.


He was dissatisfied with the situation where the society was languishing in poverty  and  moral decadence. He was so concerned  that  he tried  to theorize  about society  which will be free from such defects. Where love, and peace will reign , where there will be harmony  in the midst  of his people  and in the society at large. In his envisioned  society, every man   will develop  his potential fully.


Plato began to solve  these problems by first asking himself  the fundamental  cause of corruption and constant warfare  in the society.


For Plato, the answer to the fundamental question is that people  generally lived in ignorance; what the people thought  to be a ‘Reality’ , was to Plato , nothing short  a catalogue of ‘’Appearances’’. That their ignorance  stemmed  out of here.


He went further to say that  the people were  ignorant of  right ethical  theory. They took the wrong ethical  theory for  the right ethical theory ; this wrong ethical theory  also extended  to a wrong political ideology.


Plato’s political ideology  tried to postulate an ideal State, where a philosopher King  will be rulers, where justice , peace and harmony  will reign.


To attain  all these virtues, people have  to do away  with their ignorance and embrace  the right ethical theory. For him, it has to be  done  through metaphysics  and invariably  to ‘metapolitics.’


To get an ideal or perfect society, Plato says, justice  has to exist among  individual  and the society  at large.  According to him, an ideal State  is a State  where there is justice.


Some political philosophers  Scholars (who are also Plato’s disciples) , gave their views  on what  an ideal State should be.


Thransmanchus described  justice as emphasizing gross type of immorality  and evil doing , temple –robbing , Kidnapping , Swindling  etc. To perpetrate  such acts  is injustice  and not  to commit them is essentially  to being just.

Glaucon  also buttressed  Thransymanchus belief  further by adding  Killing and sexual relation and freeing from bonds anyone one wishes(which people now call selective justice) . All  these acts  should  be avoided  in order to be just .

To Glaucon, too, to do all  these abominable acts amount to being  unjust and not to do them is to maintain justice.



Plato came up  with his own metaphysical  theory of  justice via  inequality.


While it is true that Plato’s World  of a perfect society  is a mirage, we cannot deny the fact  that  some of his postulations ,(including  those of his followers ) are  germane  in this  our contemporary World, especially Nigeria.


The rulers  and the ruled are corrupt to the marrow. Millions  of tax-payers’ money  are looted  by individuals , and people in positions of trust!!

What was happening in Athens  during Plato’s time is now happening around  the globe.


In Nigeria, apart from massive corruption in the political arena, kidnappings, unwarranted killings, rape  and countless number of vices are prevalent  in our society.  People now commit crime as if there is no law to sanction them  for their wrong doings. Kidnapping has now been turned into a lucrative business in Nigeria. There is no part of the country that is safe. Securities of lives and properties have become a forgotten conclusion!!

It is high time  the government brazed up and look into the books to see  whether  there are loopholes  in our constitution  or mode of applying the sledge hammer of justice and inequality  in our society.


Perhaps, our political theory or practicability  is defect and needs  to be put right , otherwise , we shall continue  to witness  anarchy  like what  Hobbes  called  the state of nature, where  the society  was solitary , nasty , brutish and short.


We need adequate security for the people we govern; justice is portraying the right ethical conduct  in governance  for the people , even at the grassroots as Plato opined. People are tired  of promises not kept. Enough  of rhetoric but positive action to make people  sleep comfortably, travel  within the country without any fear of intimidation or  insecurity.

No matter what the governments are doing (Federal and States) if adequate security is lacking , the economic situation in the nation will continue to be watery and no reasonable foreign investors will like to stake their fortunes in  a chaotic environment.


By- Idowu Akintunde

Publisher /Editor –In –Chief

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