The Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC)   has announced plans to embark on nationwide protests on January 27, 2022,  against moves by the Nigerian Government to increase fuel prices.






This was contained in a letter issued by the General Secretary of the group, Comrade Emmanuel Ugboaja, to the executives of the party in the 36 States of the federation.





The letter requested that executives convene a State Executive Council (SEC) meeting where they can map out strategies to ensure the success of the action in their respective States.






It was titled, ‘Congress Led Protest Rallies in All The 36 States of The Federation on 27th January 2022 Against Plans  By The Federal  Government To Increase The Pump Price of Petrol’.





It reads, ‘’I bring you arm fraternal greetings from the Congress Headquarters while wishing you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.





‘’You will recall that Congress held its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting on Friday, 17 December 01, here some crucial decisions were taken.





‘’It is in furtherance of the said decisions that e rite to inform you that 7 January, 0, as picked as a day that Congress-led protest rallies will hold in the 36 States of the Federation, against the plans of the Federal Government to increase the pump price of petrol.





‘’You are hereby requested to convene a State Executive Council (SEC) meeting where you can map out strategies to ensure the success of the action in your State.




‘’You are also encouraged to reach out to our civil society allies in your State in your mobilization efforts.’’.




‘’A Central working Committee(CC) member will be on hand on the day of the rally with the  Protest Letter to be submitted to the governor of your State.’’.



‘’Please feel free to reach out  to the General Secretary  for any clarifications and observations in the implementation of this NEC decision.’’






Earlier, the People’s Alternative Political Movement(tpap-m), a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to the emergence and building of a Mass Workers Party, and the Socialist Transformation of Nigeria, rejected the recent hike in the price of gas and the impending hikes in the price of fuel and electricity tariff, among other things.



The coalition stated this in a communiqué of a public meeting organized by TRAP-M and its allies on the impending hikes in fuel and electricity prices.



It said it would organize another Occupy Nigeria Protests on the 10th anniversary of the first one in January  2022.





The first Occupy Nigeria Protests were held between January  2 and 14, 2012 across Nigeria to kick against the removal of fuel subsidy by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.




The meeting was held on Sunday, December 12, 2021, and it was focused on the deteriorating state of the nation in general, the evolving developments with regards to rising energy costs, and the impending hikes in fuel price and electricity tariff being proposed by the Muhammadu Buhari regime.



The communiqué came up with resolutions and was signed by Comrade  Jaye Gaskia and Comrade Omotoye  Olorode of the TRAP-M Secretariat.





As part of the resolutions, the coalition said,’’ We serve notice that we shall organize and mobilize  Nigerians from all works of life to resist further hardships in general, and the hikes in gas, fuel, and electricity in particular.





‘’Towards this end, the peoples Alternative Political Movement(TRAP-M) shall reach out to other like-minded organizations, and link up with similar-minded individuals to build a mass base for a massive popular resistance beginning in January 2022.






‘’TRAP-M and her allies will organize a week of mobilizations and awareness-raising at the beginning of January 2022 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Occupy Nigeria –the January  Uprising of 2012, and as well to build up momentum towards generalized mass protests across the country to resist the impending hikes in fuel price and electricity tariff, and the unfolding hike in the price of Gas.



‘’We demand a plan and a timeline to meet our demands’’.



(Sahara Reporters)

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