According to Sahara Reporters, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, has lent his support to the proposal that has been put forth by sixty members of the House of Representatives, which is calling for the restoration of Nigeria to a parliamentary form of government.

According to the Daily Trust, the monarch expressed his support for the proposed measures that aim to restructure elections at the municipal, state, and federal levels during a meeting with the MPs.

The meeting was conducted by Representative Kingsley Chinda and Representative Abdulsamad Dasuki.



When expressing his opinions, Oba Ogunwusi emphasised how important it is to encourage healthy rivalry among the six geographic zones that make up Nigeria.


It was his contention that a parliamentary system would be more effective in utilising the nation’s abundant natural and human resources for the purpose of development.


Defending the need for change and dispelling common misconceptions about regional interests, he criticised the current presidential system as a historical oddity and emphasised the necessity of change.

As a response, Representative Chinda emphasised the critical nature of addressing the numerous difficulties that Nigeria is facing, drawing attention to the ongoing consultations that are being held to garner support for the parliamentary system.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Representative Dasuki regarding the ability of the parliamentary government to address issues of national significance.


The move is in line with past talks with notable personalities such as Professor Ango Abdullahi and the Arewa Consultative Forum, which indicates that there is rising momentum for systemic change in Nigeria.

The monarch said, “It’s a mistake of the past that people are saying it’s the northern people that are holding it, they want to. It’s a lie, if the people see data of what is in the north now, I am very very sure they would be the ones that will say let us do that thing now.



“Some people call it restructuring, some people call it true federalism, some people call it devolution of powers, all in all it is the same thing.

“The white elephant, we don’t want to talk about it.


It has got to the time unless we want another problem for us in this country. We have got to the wall but you have made name for yourselves”.





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