My curiosity about an unusual crowd at LAMECO junction on Sunday afternoon was unprecedented.


What could have happened? What is happening? I was asking myself and my family with me inside my car on my way from the Church.


Bike riders, popularly called ‘Okada’ parked their bikes in thousands, ditto with private and commercial buses beside the road.

Could it be an accident? Or could it have been that one ‘Okadaman’(bike rider) had been knocked down by a car or alone somersaulted with a co-rider or his passenger? What could have been the reason for this tumultuous unusual crowd this afternoon-we were all talking and asking one another but no answer came.


In earnest, I parked my car and switched off the engine to see things as it is. Behold, it was a big Catch!  A superlative  Gargantuan of a Fish!


A brief interview with the fish hunter( who prefers not to snap his picture) revealed that this would not be the first time the man would catch such a lousy big fish.


According to on-the-spot information, the fish hunter, Tola(that’s the name of the now famous big fish hunter at LAMECO Juncion) had caught some big fish in the past but not as huge as the one in the news today.



Most of the passersby struggled to catch a glimpse of the gigantic fishes on display to snap their pictures while some were bargaining to buy the fishes from Tola but it seemed as if Tola was not ready to go less than N60K.


As of the time of filing this report, the big fishes have not been sold; not because people were not ready to buy but because of the exorbitant price placed on the big catch.


In case you have a big ceremony or you just want to host your political allies and need pepper soup with a fish to wash down the throat, why don’t you make a trip to connect with Tola at LAMECO Juncion, Ilobu/Okinni Road to see the mysterious Fish Hunter.


By Idowu Tunde

By TheInterviewsNigeria

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