Another Nigerian sets new Guinness World Record
“Such a great feat is inspiring, and it’s worth celebrating.”

A young Nigerian, Tonye Solomon, in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, has set another Guinness World Record.

Mr Solomon, on 10 August, set the record for the most steps (150) climbed on a ladder while balancing a football (soccer ball) on the head, according to the Guinness World Records.

“Tonye attempted this record to challenge himself and to inspire others to do great things.

He spent two months training for the attempt until he was confident he could achieve the record,” the global body stated on its website.

The Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo, congratulated Mr Solomon for the “feat”.

“Such a great feat is inspiring, and it’s worth celebrating. We are proud of you Champ!” Mr Ewhrudjakpo said on Twitter, on Thursday.

Inspired by the Nigerian chef Hilda Baci’s new world record for the longest cooking marathon, Many Nigerian youths have been making attempts at setting or breaking world records in different spheres of life.

Another Nigerian, Tonye Solomon sets new Guinness World Record
Another Nigerian, Tonye Solomon sets new Guinness World Record
Guinness World Records at some point said they had received some 1,500 applications from Nigerians in just two months.

Before Ms Baci, there was 15-year-old Vincent Okezie, a secondary school student, who had set four Guinness World Records in 2022.

The teenager told PREMIUM TIMES that he felt rejected because Nigerians did not celebrate his achievements the way they did when Ms Baci set her world record.

“I feel like my country has rejected me. Also, I feel not recognised. I asked myself if it were only women that are usually recognised in Nigeria because even though other boys won Guinness World Records in my academy, nobody celebrated them or recognised them,” he said.



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