This picture taken on July 8, 2020 shows an aerial view of the Burj al-Arab hotel in the Gulf emirate of Dubai, during a government-organised helicopter tour. (Photo by KARIM SAHIB / AFP) (Photo by KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images)

The Federal  Government  has  given the reason for the alleged hostile treatment of Nigerians  in the United Arab Emirates(UAE)


Recently, social media have been  saturated  with  reports of inhuman treatments meted  to Nigerians  in  the United Arab Emirates(UAE)


Commenting  on the issue, Chairman , Nigerians in  Diaspora Commission(NIDCOM), Mrs Abike  Dabiri-Erewa stated that the UAE authorities recently  released  new guidelines for visa applications for people under the  age of 40.


She disclosed that six months genuine bank  statements, accommodation details, as well  as a  return ticket, must  be produced on arrival.


Daily Trust reports that UAE authorities had tightened   visa rules for Nigerians  in the aftermath  of an unrest by some Nigerians  in the country.


In a statement, Dabiri-Erewa  said, ‘’Recall  the recent warning  issued a while ago. The UAE  Government  has now introduced  a new visa regime and has  stopped issuing tourist visa to persons  under the age of 40 years, except for those applying  for family visas.


‘’However, to   evade   the new visa rules, some   applicants request   ‘’family visas’’. On  arrival  ,  some travel alone  and arrive without family.


So, they are turned back from the airport. Also, the UAE authorities demand: Return  Ticket, Valid 6 months Bank Account Statement and a  valid  Residence Address.


‘’There  have been quite a number of Nigerian  passengers turned back  from the UAE airport  in the last few weeks.’’


The Ministry of  Foreign  Affairs also issued a statement , advising Nigerians to respect  the new visa rules of the UAE Government.


The Spokesperson  of the Ministry, Francisca K. Omayuli (MRS)  said ,’’The  attention  of the Federal Government of Nigeria  has been  drawn  to a video  on the social media , showing  purportedly stranded  Nigerians, who arrived the Airport  in Dubai, UAE on 29 August,2022, but were  denied entry into the country, despite having valid visas


‘’The Nigerian Mission in Dubai has clarified that  most  of the supposedly  stranded Nigerians were issued with family visas, only  to arrive  Dubai alone without  any family member.


Consequently, they were denied  entry  and  advised to return  to their country  and apply  for the appropriate  visas.


However, those persons allowed  entry  into the country  have their family  members in the UAE. While  those  who claimed their family members were  on another flight , were told to wait   at the airport , pending their arrival‘

’The general public is invited to note and be guided  that  the Government of the UAE  has introduced a new visa regime and has stopped issuing  tourist  visas to persons under the age of 40 years, except for those applying  for family visas.


‘’It  is therefore , instructive for prospective  visa applicants  to indicate  clearly their  visa preferences without  any ambiguity  and also  respect  the immigration laws of  other countries so as to avoid unwarranted treatments’’.


‘’However,  to evade the new visa rules, some applicants request ‘’family visas’’. On arrival , some  travel alone and arrive without family.


So,  they are turned back  from the airport. Also , thee UAE authorities  demand  a Return Ticket, valid 6 months Bank Account Statement  and a valid Residence Address


‘’There  have been quite a number  of Nigerian passengers turned back  from the UAE airport  in the last few weeks.’’



























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