Rasheed Hammed aka ‘Rashidi  Baale Oko’lu’,  a  notorious man has threatened to unleash terror in the Ede community in OsunState, if police operatives and members of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) refused to stop hunting for him and residents of Isale Osun in Ede.




Rasidi has been linked with the killings of several individuals in Ede, a  serious situation that has warranted the police declared him a wanted man on Thursday.




The Osun State police command has declared Rasidi Oko’lu wanted, saying anyone that harbored him would also be treated as a criminal.




A statement by the Police  Public Relations Officer for Osun Command, Yemisi Opalola, said Rsidi was wanted in connection with offenses of murder, arson, ritual killing, and armed robbery.




It further reads, ‘’suspect has been causing menace in Ede and the entire  Osun State. Anybody who harbors the suspect will be treated by the police as an accomplice to the crime. Anybody with useful information to his hereabouts ill be handsomely rewarded’’.




Rasidi, a welder by vocation, is being trailed by the security agents for allegedly causing the death of many people in the Ede Community.




Of recent, he was allegedly linked to the death of  Hassan Adedeji,  a Higher National  Diploma graduate of Banking and Finance of the Federal Polytechnic, Ede, awaiting his call-up letter, a well as an Okada rider, whose identities were not known.



Earlier, he has been alleged to have been involved in deadly clashes with the OPC men at different times in the community, which had resulted in the death of many residents.




However, Rasidi, in a voice WhatsApp message obtained in Osogbo on Thursday, said his decision not to join OPC  because those that invited him were involved in crime, was the genesis of his travails.




Speaking in Yoruba Language, Rasidi also accused the Timi of Ede, Oba Munirudeen Lawal, of using some OPC, to hunt him and called on the elders of the community to intervene, or he would return to the town to cause mayhem.




In the audio message, Rasidi said, one Doki Oodua of the OPC, and Oriade had invited him and his boys to join OPC,  but he declined because of the advice from those that were already members of the group, who told him that those that invited him are armed robbers.




‘’I am a thug and I was earning money on the street. I don’t steal. I am, not a thief. I am an artisan. I am a welder. They wanted me and my boys to join them in OPC. But then I have people I regarded as mothers and elderly ones that were OPC members. Those people told me that those that invited me to OPC  were thieves, especially Doki.




In my presence, one of those that invited me to OPC went to steal an iron rod and he killed someone at the scene about five years ago in Ede here’’.




‘’Despite their antecedents, some elders in the community still indulged and continue to associate with them. I rejected the invitation to join OPC. That made them attack my base. They came in the early hours of February 2, 2020, but we dealt with them. Those that came were OPC members. Because  they suffered  heavy casualties, they had to join forces with a member of  Special Anti  Robbery Squad from Osun Police Command.’’






‘’Timi of Ede ordered us not to involve in violence again and we all abide by the order. But after all that, the OPC men still attacked me on December 4, 2021, and two of my younger brothers were killed right in front of a  police station. And another one ran into the police station, he traced into the station and was killed in the presence of the policemen’’.



‘’Few  of the elders that spoke to me only pleaded but no action was taken to punish the perpetrators. I listened to the pleading and I  mourned the dead. I bought gifts, made stickers campaigning for peace in Edeland.



I funded a street light project in our area, I distributed food items to all mosques in our area. After all the efforts, these OPC men still attacked and killed my elder brother at Owode, Ede.




Apart from the deceased named Kehinde, my younger brother was shot in the stomach and I sat several times and they went away with my vehicle.





‘’After that, Doki Wakili, Oriade, and Jagunlabi killed my mother. She was killed on Tuesday, 22nd February 2022. I hereby appeal to all indigenes, OsunState Government, Federal  Government to intervene. All royal fathers in Osun should  also intervene.’’




‘’Some OPC men also came to Isale Osun on 9th March, they packed people’s properties and took them away in five buses. No one could do anything about it. I am using this medium to tell all Ede residents that I am coming and when I return, the effect will be felt by many people. Those not involved in the crisis will pay for it.





Before now, people used to see me and greet me. But when  I return, if you see me, you see death. I see you, you die, you see me, you die,’’ Rasidi said.




Nonetheless, the Timi of Ede, Oba MAunirudeen Lawal, denied involvement in the disagreement between the OPC and Rasidi, adding that he has never ordered that the man’s head should be brought by anyone.




The royal father, while speaking at the turning of Sod for 80 housing units project for civil servants in the State in Abere on Thursday said, ‘’it(insecurity in Ede) was an issue between OPC men and cultists. I am not supporting any of them because I don’t know any of them, either Rasidi or the OPC members.





‘’The people disturbing the peace of Ede land are fe in number. I don’t know them and neither do I send them to go and bring me the head of Rasidi.




Rasidi has sent a lot of voice(audio) notes out in which he insulted me, despite not knowing him. Ede is a peaceful land. I am calling on the government to please come to our aid and save us from this situation and find a permanent solution to it’’.





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