“`Wednesday 11th
October, 2023.“`


*Anchored Scriptures: Luke 1:28, Proverbs 22:1, Luke 2:52*

*Ministering: Dr. D. K. Olukoya (G.O. MFM Worldwide)*

Without any controversy, one of the greatest human beings that has ever visited this planet was Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

– did not preach any gospel to anybody.
– did not minister in any cathedral.
– did not go to so many countries.
We have no record in the Bible that Mary healed the sick or that she called down fire from heaven.
– did not perform any miracles.
– did not know any high priests.
– did not sit on any high table with any dignitaries.

Her name did not appear on the headline of any newspaper. But never is the story of Jesus’ mission on earth complete without reference to her. She can never be inconspicuous where other women are mentioned, no matter who those women are.

What happened to Mary? She made a connection with a very powerful product from heaven. And sometimes, when we pray about this product, many people do not take the prayer seriously.


There is a powerful product from heaven:
– that brings sweatless victory.
– that has the key to any trouble.
– that is an electric current that moves you from your present situation to the destiny God has for you.


– that puts you in the right place to meet the right people at the right time.


Whether you know about the product or not, it’s your business and not heaven’s business.
– that will do for you what your education, personality, certificates, abilities, and career cannot do for you.
– that takes you from ordinary to extraordinary.
– that can bring you out of difficulties and turn your adversities for God.
– that can open any door you knock on.
– that is actually a carrier of breakthroughs.
– which has the force to propel people to render help for you when you need it.
– that gives you access to the throne of grace.
– that triggers a supernatural increase.
– that produces victory in the midst of great impossibilities.
– that produces recognition, even when you seem the least likely to get it.
– that can make you wealthy in a single day.
– that can silence your lifetime enemy forever, like the one that silenced Haman.
– that although nobody knows you now, can make you a household name in a day.
– That can accelerate the timetable of your assignment and destiny.
– that one day with that product is worth a lifetime of labour.
– that can stop tragedy instantly in your life.
– that can bring restoration to everything the enemy has stolen.
– that can bring you honour in the midst of adversaries.
– that can produce increased assets.
– that gives great and unusual victories.
– that will make you win the battle you did not have to fight. God will fight them for you.
– that can give you a miracle wife, a miracle husband, or a miracle marriage.
– that will make you break records instead of breaking down.
– that makes men stand at attention in your presence.
– that can change your desert place of life to the Garden of Eden.
– that can make you function without struggle.
– that can make you receive even without you asking.
– that is a switch for uncommon breakthroughs.
– that is a cure for every misfortune, a key to walking in divine blessings.
– that will give you unlimited success. This product makes the difference between the mediocre and the higher flyer. It makes a man matter both inside and out.
– which is a divine release that goes before a man to repair his ways.
– that serves as a ladder to the top.


This powerful product from heaven is supervised by God Himself. It can transfer a man from the prison of prison to the palace of wealth within 24 hours. It can eliminate struggling to move forward. A very powerful weapon indeed. A very powerful product indeed.

It is this product that Mary encountered that made her great. What is this product? You can find it in Luke 1:28 (KJV): “And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.”

*This product is called DIVINE FAVOUR.* What Mary encountered is Divine Favour. She then had an extra to it: ‘highly favoured.’

*===> I am praying for anyone here that can shout a 21-fold Jericho destroying amen; you shall be highly favoured! In the name of Jesus.*

Beloveth, we need divine favour, particularly at this time where we find ourselves now. A believer from a poor home travelled abroad to study.


The parents did not have enough money to finance his education. So in the morning, he would go and begin to wash cars before going to school.

When he came back from school, he would go in the evening to work in a restaurant. Then in the night, he would work as a security man, just to finance his life.

But then something happened. He came across what I am talking to you about now, and he prayed the prayer, “I plug my life into the socket of divine favour, by the power in the blood of Jesus”.

*===> Shout it loud and clear: I plug my life into the socket of divine favour, by the power in the blood of Jesus.*

He was at a crusade when this prayer was called. He got to the restaurant the next day, and a man came in to eat.


This man did not understand English, but he was a proud fellow who did not want people to know this. So the brother was to attend to him.


He asked the man what he wanted to eat, but he really could not explain properly to the brother. So the brother realised this and began to try to explain each food on the menu to him. As he was explaining, the man began to understand. So he helped him pick his choice and order. The brother was not even aware that this man had an interpreter.

But the interpreter came late that day, after the man had been served.


So after the brother had served this man, whom he did not know, the man was about to leave and then called him. He asked him if he was the manager at that place. The brother replied that he was just a waiter there, and in fact the least person paid, about 5 pounds per hour.

The man then asked, “How much do you need to start your own restaurant?” The brother replied “Ah, I do not know, sir”. The man said, “Okay, whether you know or not, take this money. Go and start your own; I will give you more if it is not enough”.

Here was a man who went to a place as the lowest-paid person there and now had enough money to start his own business. That is what is called “divine favour”. A brother in this church applied for a job oversea. All those who applied had recommendations from either presidents or prime ministers. He had nobody to recommend him, and it was a foreign job. So the day to decide who was to be appointed came. They brought in all the people one by one and explained who their recommendations were.

The white man who was to decide was listening to all of them. After some time, he said, “Stop; I am tired of hearing “recommended by this or that”. Is there anyone here who was not recommended by anybody?” They replied “Yes, there is one Nigerian like that”. The man said, “Appoint him”. This is how the brother got this job with no recommendation; all he did was plug himself into the socket of divine favour.

*===> I am praying for somebody once again, that you shall encounter the favour of God! In the name of Jesus.*

*===> Receive divine favour, in the name of Jesus.*

This product is in heaven, lying there. If you activate it, it works for you. If you do not, you stay where you are. A person may be working hard from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and then he gets a salary at month-end. So he got the salary because of his hard work. A person can compete in an athletic race and come first. If he is given a prize, it is because he worked for it. Or sometimes, in places of work, people are given long service awards for working for a long time in that organisation. But when a person is not even deserving of getting a salary, or deserving of winning a prize, or deserving of an award, and yet he receives those things as a gift, that is what is called divine favour.

*===> Divine favour is coming your way today! Every source of your sorrow shall disappear! Every enemy hiding your joy shall be buried! Receive divine favour today! In the name of Jesus.*

If this product from heaven called divine favour can push Mary into this kind of greatness of “You are highly favoured. You have been chosen to incubate the son of God”, then we all need that favour, beloveth. Look at what the Bible says in Proverbs 22:1 (KJV): “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.”
Because favour is greater than all those things.

Luke 2:52 says: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”

Jesus, too, engaged in this product called favour. If you must have uncommon success, you must have favour. Favour is that supernatural hand that will guide you to greatness. Even to find a good wife, you need a favour. The Bible says, ‘Whosoever findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth the favour of the LORD.’ Favour can give you a good spouse or a good marriage. You need divine favour too to progress in your marital life. Divine favour is something every human being on earth needs. There is no terrible situation that divine favour cannot turn around for good.

With divine favour, there is no limit to what you can become in life. By this divine favour:
– Many have won battles.
– Many were made heroes.
– Slaves became kings.
– Captives turned captors.
– Confirmed failures became successful.

By the power of divine favour, you win the willingness of God to help you. You win the willingness of God to protect you and be kind to you. It is needed for complete victory and to make satanic agents your footstool. Can you raise up your right hand, and if you love your destiny, let your voice be the loudest here:

*===> Favour of God that will make me a terror to my enemies and overshadow my life! In the name of Jesus.*

Divine favour sustains you in times of temptation and lifts you up when you have fallen. A servant who has won divine favour will be treated with honour and will enjoy the privileges of freedom. With divine favour, it becomes easy to have breakthroughs. That divine favour:
– will open every good door closed against you.
– will remove all the obstacles placed on your way.
– will bring you to success where others have failed.
– will change your desert place to the Garden of Eden.
– will change your mountains into plain land.
– will give you the concentrated presence of God.
Without that divine favour, the enemy will make you a project to destroy because divine favour frustrates all the attempts of the enemy against your life.
– makes you a mystery, for you will be a lamb in the midst of wolves without being torn to pieces.
– will make you a wonder to your contemporaries. You become somebody they cannot decode or understand.

My friend many years ago was sharing something with me. He said they were employed in one place of work as labourers.

They had breaks by 12–1 p.m. every afternoon. There was a brother there who was employed as a labourer too. He rarely talked to anyone. He would do his work well. Any small opportunity he had, he would pray. When others were on break, he would be praying. He would come very early before work began and start praying.

All of a sudden, one contract staff member had a problem and was sacked. The manager then came looking for a replacement among the labourers. He looked at them all and chose the brother who was always praying.

So he became a contract staff. He kept working and praying. All of a sudden, a permanent position opened, and he stepped in again. All of a sudden, the foreman resigned, and this brother was promoted to that position. After some time, the manager of the company died, and his brother replaced him. This my friend said “They employed all of us as labourers at the same time, but this man moved from that labourer position to become the managing director of the company”. Divine favour.

When divine favour is upon you:
– Balaam may come against you with his seven altars, seven bullocks, and seven rams to curse you, but his curses will only turn into blessings.
– You have the shout of a king in your camp.
– God hears every sigh, sees every tear, and stores them in His bottle.
– It can effect a breakthrough for you when the general condition says it is not possible.
– It keeps your enemies where they belong. It is the red mark the enemy must not cross.

*I believe there will be somebody here today who will shout with a very loud voice:*

*===> I plug my life into the socket of divine favour, by the power in the blood of Jesus!*

Tonight, there are prayers to unlock. That is why I asked you to bring your anointing oil. Many people do not understand that oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. A faith symbol of the Holy Spirit. And the Bible says “The anointing breaks the yoke”.

So as you anoint yourself and pray here today, I want you to understand that there is another huge element known in the library of the devil as “Disfavour”. Some call it bad luck. Some call it misfortune. If your name is on a list of those to be in important positions and you have even been congratulated, the next day it is off the list.

There could be 200 things to give to 200 people, but the person steps in as the 201st person. That is Disfavour.

*===> I am praying for somebody here today that, as you anoint yourself here today, every yoke of disfavour shall be dashed to pieces! In the name of Jesus. (a sevenfold amen.)*


1. Powers standing between me and my testimonies, die! in the name of Jesus.
2. Chains of darkness holding me down where I do not like, break! In the name of Jesus.
3. ‘Back to square one’ powers; I am not your candidate; die in my life! In the name of Jesus.
4. *(Anoint your forehead vigorously.)* Mantle of favour, fall upon me now! In the name of Jesus.
5. *(Anoint the middle of your head)* Disfavour, I am not your candidate, die! In the name of Jesus.
6. *(Anoint your two hands.)* Anointing of favour, baptise my hands! In the name of Jesus.
7. Every good thing stolen from me by the terror of the night, come back now! In the name of Jesus.
8. Voices from my past, speaking against my today and my future, shut up! In the name of Jesus.
9. Generational robbers, your mission is over: die! In the name of Jesus.

Minister-Dr. D.k. OLUKOYA

General Overseer,MFM Worldwide


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