*Anchored Scripture: John 10:10*

*Ministering: Dr. D. K. Olukoya (G.O. MFM Worldwide)*

John 10:10 (KJV): “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

There is a group of terrible twins, and these twins are devastatingly cruel. More than any other agenda of darkness, they have led many people to the pit of hell fire. They have defeated even the strongest. These wicked twins have demoted the eagle to the chicken level; they have dismantled so many useful destinies; they have turned efficient people into inefficient people.

They are Satan’s most powerful fishermen, for they have turned many high-class destinies into low-class destinies.

They have disgraced and battered people to uncountable bus stops. They have melted away the oil of divine favour on the heads of many. They have broken down the wall of spiritual immunity on so many children of God, and many children of God have perished when they should not have perished.

They have converted daughters of destiny into daughters of woe. They have converted people named “Angelina” to “Devilina”. They have pulled down princes from their horses and enthroned servants.

They have paralysed wonderful visions and paralysed testimonies. They have converted men and women into senseless beings. They have turned many successes into failures, and in many lives, they have turned light into darkness. They have moved people from the front to the back. They have ensured that the promises of God for so many lives do not come to pass. They are the ones who have kept native doctors and hospitals in business. They have turned many lives upside down.

*What are these wicked twins?*

1. The flesh. His twin brother is
2. Demons.

*So these two are the wicked twins. They are terrible twins.*

*The flesh:*

√√ Is man’s fallen nature that is under the power of sin.

√√ Is the evil principal in our nature.

√√ Is the enemy in our camp.

Jesus took a big look at the flesh and gave it a very terrible summary. He said, “The flesh profiteth nothing”. What a terrible summary.

No matter how you look after the flesh now, no matter how you cajole it, paint it, however way you look after it, a day is coming when somebody will talk to that flesh and there will be no answer.

√√ Is the enemy in our camp.

√√ Is the traitor who is collaborating with the attackers without.

√√ Is man’s inner force that expresses itself in general rebellion to the Almighty. It is a terrible thing, indeed. Paul said, “That which I want to do, I cannot do, but that which I do not want to do, is what I do.”

The flesh can never be reformed, improved, or trained. The solution is total execution; you kill it completely so it does not control your life anymore.

*===> I pray that every power and activity of the flesh to dismantle our destiny shall be disgraced! In the name of Jesus.*

The reason many people run to deliverance ground is because the flesh is still in charge. Instead of rushing to the deliverance ground, by the time they repent and bring the flesh under control, they are fine. Many will open their eyes, walk into sin, and then go for deliverance, as if the deliverance will bribe God to rub it off from His books.

After some time, they commit the sin again and rush to deliverance ground, as if that will remove the sin. That is the work and activity of the flesh.

The flesh is the enemy of our soul, which wages war against it. It is a gateway to the demonic.

Listen to me carefully: most of the time, it is through the flesh that demons gain entry into people’s lives. We are tempted by demons. Once you give in, they become bad friends.

*What is a demon? A demon:*

√√ Is an evil spirit seeking to invade and indwell human bodies. By indwelling in a person, they gain advantage. In controlling the person from the inside, they have taken over the person. Their main objective is to destroy human beings who are made in the image of God.

The Bible also calls them “unclean spirits” and the Bible also calls them “devils”. These spirits are most of the causes of sicknesses and diseases and the Bible names them according to their functions.

¶¶ There is a spirit of fear, the most common demon in the world. There is fear of death. Fear of life. Fear of darkness. All kinds of fear. Spirits of fear exist.

¶¶ There is a demon of rejection. People just do not like you. If they liked you before, they just hate you now.

¶¶ There is a demon of self-rejection. Some people actually just wage war against themselves.

¶¶ There is a demon of suicide; those who want to take their own lives. There is still a lot of these spirits around.

¶¶ There is a demon of addiction. You are addicted to alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks, cigarettes, sleep, food, etc. This demon exists.

¶¶ There is a demon of lust. You just find out that the whole of your body is addicted to the magnet of lust, and that is a destroyer.

¶¶ There is a demon of pornography, which is looking at naked men and women.

¶¶ There is a demon of incest.

¶¶ There is a demon of fornication.

¶¶ There is a demon of adultery.

¶¶ There is a demon of witchcraft.

¶¶ There is a demon of Jealousy.

¶¶ There is a demon of Rage.

¶¶ There is a demon of Violence.

¶¶ There are familiar spirits.

¶¶ There are demons of murder, or better still, abortion.

¶¶ There is a demon of Idolatry.

¶¶ There is a demon of Envy.

¶¶ There is a demon of Confusion.

¶¶ There is a demon of Cancer.

¶¶ There is a demon of Arthritis.

¶¶ There is a demon of Masturbation that has captured so many young men and women now.

¶¶ There is a demon of Pride.

¶¶ There is a demon of Insanity.

¶¶ There is a demon of Hatred.

¶¶ There is a demon of Bitterness.

¶¶ There is a spirit of death.

¶¶ There is a demon of greed.

There is what the Bible falls lying spirits.

¶¶ There is a demon of heaviness; the person is just heavy on the inside.

¶¶ There is a demon of depression.

All these are just a few examples. Demons cannot simply walk up to a person and enter. No. They must be welcome. There must be something they have seen that will make them enter easily.

For example, if you have a bad temper, you are writing a courier letter to high blood pressure. The demons of high blood pressure will come after you. The demon of infirmity will come after you. So when they come to you, they use their x-ray machine to look at the weakness in your flesh where they can enter, and once you welcome them, they then enter, and the problem starts.

Our flesh is the tool that gets the job done for the devil. Once our flesh opens the door, then we give the demons permission to come in. Demons are like bad friends. They will wear down a person’s resistance and make it hard for the person to resist temptation and sin. And one thing that has put so many people into trouble today is these wicked twins, the flesh and demons.

The flesh must be crucified. Demons must be cast out. Crucify the flesh; cast out demons. You cannot cast out the flesh and crucify demons. No. You have to ensure that your flesh is not joining hands with demons or giving it any promotion. You must ensure that that is not the case.

*What is responsible for the success of these evil twins? Why are they so successful?*

1. Many people are not willing or ready for deliverance yet. As strange as this sounds, 75% of those who go to deliverance ground are not really ready to be delivered. They are just looking for a quick fix or a quick solution to the problem. They are not ready to take the necessary steps to maintain the deliverance. God will help us.

2. Unforgiveness. Bitterness is a very popular source of spiritual defilement. Unforgiveness puts us in the hands of tormentors, which are demonic spirits.

3. Unconfessed sins. The Bible says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us. The Bible says, “He that covereth his sin shall not prosper, but he that confessth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.”

4. Soul ties. Having a soul tie with somebody. Some of us here are still tied to our former boyfriends or girlfriends from secondary school. Some are still tied to one man or woman they met somewhere. The soul ties encourage these twins to work hard on people.

5. Having cursed objects in your possession. The Bible says “You shall not keep any abomination in your house; if not, you will become an abomination”. If you put a cursed object on your body, you become cursed. This is a serious matter.

6. Lack of faith. Unbelief. You do not really believe in God. You are just coming to church.

7. Unbroken curses. All ancestral curses encountered in one’s life must be broken. Generational curses must be broken; if not, they will encourage the enemy to fight you hard.

8. Finally, prayerlessness. Lack of Bible reading encourages these twins to carry out their agenda of destruction, their agenda of punishment, and their agenda of trouble.

We need to wake up and understand that we have a very good Father. A Father who does not delight in having His children suffer. God is not happy when His children are suffering, but He has set the world in order. “Thou shall not do this.” “Thou shalt not do that.”

These laws have been set before you were born and even before the world was put in order. So if you break God’s law, you are actually not breaking God’s law; you are breaking yourself because the Bible says, “Though hand join in hand, no sinner will go unpunished.” You may think you are very smart, but no sinner will go unpunished.

Nobody may see you. You may even succeed in deceiving the pastor. You may cover up before men, but no sinner will go unpunished.


1. I spray the blood of Jesus upon every coven troubling my Israel! In the name of Jesus.

*[After Message]*

(Ask the Lord for mercy. Tell Him you will not go back to those sins again. Talk to the Lord yourself).

1. Ladders of darkness, break! In the name of Jesus.

2. Enemies in the camp of my body, die! In the name of Jesus.

3. Power of rise and fall, die! In the name of Jesus.

4. Vulture of darkness of my father’s house, you are a liar; die! In the name of Jesus.

5. Occultic cauldron calling my name; break! In the name of Jesus.

6. Ancient strongman, assigned to waste my life, die! In the name of Jesus.

7. Every power assigned to attack my health, your time is up; die! In the name of Jesus.

8. Any strange material in my body, disappear! In the name of Jesus.

9. Dreams of failure, I am not your candidate, backfire! In the name of Jesus.

10. Every mockery of the enemy, pretending to love me, die! In the name of Jesus.

11. Every evil bird crying against the glory of my star, fall down and die! In the name of Jesus.


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