Mama Deborah Adebola Fasoyin, who sang the popular ‘Odun Nlo Sopin'(the year is ending) song in 1979 is in the news right now.


Every December, many Nigerians remember her, as her evergreen song gets played everywhere across Nigeria, especially in the South-West. She is now 83. But she still lives a good life, with her kids. By nature, Mama Deborah Adebola Fasoyin is a very quiet and easy-going woman of God.

Mama is deeply religious and you can’t get to hear about her, except when it comes to her work. She is a gospel singer and leader of the CAC Good Women Choir, Ibadan, a group that became popular in the late 70s, 80s, and 90s across the South West. The group is based in Ibadan.

But on account of the activities of the CAC Good Women Choir, Mama became well known in 1979, when her group released the popular song titled Odun Nlo Sopin O Baba Mimo, that became an instant hit.

Their marketer sold out and the song enjoyed massive airplay till now, as the song gets played every December.


Since 1979 when the album came out, practically all radio stations across the South West and all the music stores and shops play the music to herald December.



Interestingly, that wasn’t their 1st album. It wasn’t the 2nd. And it wasn’t the 3rd. It was the 5th release. To date, the choir has released 25 albums. But the choir is no more. Age has taken its toll on them. Many of them are now old. Some have even passed on to greater glory. Some live abroad with their children. They have become grandmas. Only 2 grand old women are remaining.

City People met her not too long ago. Mama Fasoyin is still very much alive and kicking, looking like a sweet 16. Though she is 83, she doesn’t like to be described as an old woman. “I am not an old woman”, she told City People Magazine Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE not too long ago at one of her granddaughters home in Lagos. “I am a young girl. She was born on 1st March 1940.

She now lives in Lagos. She now worships at Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s. Daystar Christian Centre. She occasionally sings with the choir. In 2014 Mama sang with the DayStar Centre Choir. It was a big hit. She had only about 3 rehearsals with them and when she climbed the stage and Mama’s voice filled up the hall, everywhere went up in joy.

Mama’s life has been a life of music. She was only 10 when she started to sing. She is a native of Oyo.



When in 1976, the Good Women Association at its convention decided to float a women choir to thrill at their church events they were about 130 women (all married). It was in 1977 they began releasing records and they stopped in 1995. Then after 10 years, the choir released the Odun Nlo Sopin O VCD. They were only 10 in the VCD released in 1995. Out of the original number, there are only 4 women remaining and of the 4 only 2 are active.

Mama Fasoyin started her big project, the Ember Covering in December 1st 2018 and on 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 10th. It was 15 minutes of intense prayer. It holds on Facebook and Instagram.

It is specifically for her followers and whoever wishes to join. For those interested, all you have to do is to log on to www.goodwomenchoiribadan. After the programme, she headed for Jerusalem.



Born on the 1st of March 1940 in Oyo town to the family of Mr & Mrs Afolabi. She is the last of 6 children and the only girl. She had her primary school/elementary school in Oyo after which she went to Orita-Meta Baptist Girls Modern School, Ibadan. She got married in 1961 to Elder Olusola Fasoyin.

She worked with Kingsway Stores (a division of UAC) from 1960 to 1987 before she resigned her appointment as a manager in June 1987. She had been a music-loving chorister as a youth at the St, Micheal’s Anglican Church, Oyo, her native town, before her marriage to an elder in the Christ Apostolic Church caused a denominational shift.

However, it was her participation in the recording of an album by Pastor Kayode Abiara’s C.A.C

OkeImole, Agbeni, Ibadan, that exposed her as a singer and chanter of promise.

With 25 albums released between 1976 and 1995, Mrs D.A. Fasoyin became famous and respected as the arrowhead of the enormously talented C.A.C. Good Women Choir in Ibadan, Oyo State. While the choir’s musical ministrations, especially the two hits, Odun Nlo Sopin (volume 5) released in 1979 and Odun Yi Atura (volume 7) in 1980, cut across the entire country and beyond.

Unconfirmed statistics indicate that both albums are the biggest selling gospel music albums ever in Nigeria, with many thousands being sold each time they are reprinted, especially towards the end and beginning of the year respectively.

In terms of awards, the Good Women Choir on the one hand has won many awards while the leader Deborah, on the other hand, has numerous local and international awards to her name. Her awards include the Crystal Award, Wise Women Awards (U.K) in the Naomi category 2013, YOMAFA, PMAN’s award of the Most Evergreen song ‘Odun Nlo Sopin’ amongst others. She is a member of Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria (GOMAN).

For the 83 year-old Gospeller that prefers to be called Sisi (Young Lady), gospel music is a calling and an instrument of evangelizing that God uses to encourage, uplift and build the body of Christ. Her greatest achievement is being used by God to touch lives through gospel music. Deborah is a mentor and inspiration to men and women in gospel music and Chritendom. Her marriage to the late Elder Olusola Fasoyin in 1961 is blessed with 4 children, 2 men and 2 ladies. Though a native of Oyo Town, Deborah lives in Ibadan.


All her albums and videos can also be purchased online on different digital channels. You can also get all her works @

3 years ago when she turned 80, she spoke to City People on her life and music career in the gospel industry. Visit her works as directed above.


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