Anastasia ,  is a woman adjudged to  have ‘the biggest Cheeks’ in the world after getting  over #1,500 worth of filler injected  into her face! But this  has meant  that Anastasia Pkreshchuk  has been on  a target  for trolls.


The Ukranian influencer, 36, has been famed for her extreme  surgeries  and has no plan to stop going under  the knife  anytime soonest.


Anastasia , who has gathered  over 562k followers  on Insagram , regularly  posts updates  on her beauty treatments.



She has become notorious  for her unique  appearance , which include having big lips and cheeks , while her jawline  is square  alongside  a pointed chin. Her cheeks  have  also been regarded as  he World’s biggest’’.



The former perfume shop assistance ,who embarked  on her cosmetic surgery  journey  for herself  and not anyone else , has had  a Brazilian Butt Lift, as well as having a 1050cc Boob implant.


However, being so open about her cosmetic journey , has led  to  trolls  commenting hateful messages  on her profile.


One wrote: ’’Doctors who performed  should be in prison’’.

Another  one  wrote: ’’How can she believe  this  is attractive?’’


From her :’’I have the  biggest cheekbones in the world , people  say it’s weird, but I love it  and plan on getting them bigger’’.


Anastasia , who is from War-torn Ukraine, doesn’t let the trolling go lightly  and will hit back at  her critiques.


In another Instagram post, Anastasia  hit back  at a troll that she  said, she loves her looks because ‘’someone lied to me saying I look  pretty.’’


The Influencer said, ‘’I don’t  understand this kind of thinking at all’’.  I don’t  understand how I can think about  my appearance  based on what others say?”.


‘’It can be dangerous but I do it with doctors  and now I’m learning  cosmetology in an online school.’’


‘’I don’t care  what others say because this is my face and I have  to like it, not you.’’ This  is my face  and my life. ‘’You will not  live my life for me, Okay?’’


Anastasia , has appeared  on ITV’s –This Morning, started having surgery done when  she was 26.  She hasn’t stopped injecting  her face  since her twenties. This is without prejudice to her boobs and bum done; she also has tattooed eyebrows and Buttocks.


Anastasia ‘’fell in love’’ with how the filler looked on her face , after previously saying that before  she had work done  she was like a ‘’grew mouse’’.



While speaking  on This Morning , she said ,  ‘’My nose was too big and now  I have  big cheeks and big lips, so , it looks okay. ‘’It can be dangerous  but I do it with doctors , and now Iam learning cosmetology in an online school.’’





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