In a move announced on Thursday, the Osun State Government has taken the decision to remove three traditional rulers in the state.

The announcement was made through a statement released by Kolapo Alimi, the Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment.

The decision, outlined in a White Paper, received approval from the State Executive Council. The statement clarified that the removal followed a comprehensive review by a special committee chaired by Governor Adeleke.

This action aligns with the Governor’s commitment to ensuring due process, extensive consultation, and adherence to the rule of law.

The White Paper approval encompassed various committees’ reports, including those on Chieftaincy Matters, Contracts/MOU/Agreements review, Solid Minerals, Assets Inventory and Recovery, Staff Audit/Appointments/Promotions review, and Education Summit.

Highlighting the Chieftaincy Matters committee chaired by Honourable Bunmi Jenyo, the White Paper emphasized prioritizing compliance with legal requirements for final decisions. Consequently, the White Paper nullified previous steps related to the installation of the Aree of Iree and Owa of Igbajo.

It directed an immediate commencement of an all-inclusive selection process for new appointees.

Specifically addressing the Aree of Iree Chieftaincy, the White Paper urged substantive chiefs to withdraw their lawsuit before the Court, facilitating a new selection process in accordance with due process and tradition.

Regarding the Owa of Igbajo stool, the White Paper invalidated the previous selection process, calling for an all-inclusive process to nominate a new candidate.

For the disputed Akirun stool, the White Paper instructed the involved parties to await the Court of Appeal’s decision, leaving the stool vacant in the meantime.

In similar fashion, the White Paper recommended compliance with legal requirements for other disputed kingship stools, such as the Alawo stool, where the government accepted the committee’s suggestion to await the Supreme Court’s pending suit outcome.



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