12th August, 2023.
Ministering – Dr D.K Olukoya


Luke 1:74 – 75

MFM is a ministry of deliverance.
Without deliverance serving God in righteousness and holiness can never be possible. Complete deliverance is very important for every minister.

One of the deepest and mysterious arena in ministry is the arena of deliverance.

The arena of of deliverance is the arena of lying, danger, evil collaboration, deep conflict, seduction, manipulation, stop them before they stop you, where ignorance is a disaster, positive and negative negotiations, destiny repair and destiny change, only the strong survive, spiritual politics.


1Timothy 3: 1 – 7

What are the qualifications of the office of a bishop?

1. Transparency – must be someone who is very open and honest.

2. Must be blameless.

3. Must be the husband of one wife.

4. Must be able to teach the bible.

5. Must be hospitable.

6. Must be temperate.

7. Must not be giving to wine.

8. Must not be violent.

9. Must be sober minded.

10. Must not be greedy for money.

11. Must not be quarrelsome.

12. Must not be covetous.

13. You must be gentle. (Don’t prove you are anything)

14. Must not be a novice.

15. Must have a good testimony.

16. He must rule his house well. ( As a pastor your first convert is your wife then others follow)

17. He’s of a good behavior.

18. He is vigilant.

19. He is willing to make tough choices.

20. He is humble — he listens to people. he treats other people with respect.

21. He have self control.

22. Must be holy.

23. He is patient.

24. He has respect for others.

(Titus 1: 7 – 9)

25. He is upright — An upright person.

26. He keeps his children respective and submissive.

27. He does not have a domineering attitude.

28. He is faithful — You can trust him.

29. He never stop growing.

30. He is prudent.

31. He is watchful.

32. He pursues the right piorities.

33. He is a person who produces the right passion.

34. He produces the right pattern.

35. He understands the nature of his calling.

36. He must not be a bully.

37. He is spiritually matured.

38. He is a good example of the bible expression.

39. He is devoted to the truth.

40. He is generous.

41. Must have good report.

42. Abstaining from all appearance of evil.

43. He will guide the body of truth from errors.

44. He takes delight in overseeing the affairs of the church.

45. Not living a life of confusion and disorganization.

46. He is composed and balance in judgement.

47. He is committed to mentoring and instructing.

Read the book of Isaiah from chapter one to the last chapter.


1. Ministers who make people to depend on them instead of God.

2. Ministers who ridicle their associates.

3. Ministers who build their own empire.

4. Ministers who rule with the rod of iron.

5. Ministers who involve in emotional and witchcraft manipulation.

6. Ministers who use the yes men as pastors.

7. Ministers with pride.

8. The disloyalty ministers.


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