Police Monitoring Unit Investigating Death of Seyi Olayode, Found her Decomposing body with Missing Body Parts in Ibadan.

The Monitoring Unit of the Oyo State Police Command has initiated an investigation into the death of Seyi Olayode, an 18-year-old girl whose decomposing body was discovered in a bush in Olodo Community, Ibadan.

Seyi had gone with her brother, Bidemi, to gather firewood but had not returned home.
According to sources, Bidemi asked Seyi to accompany him to their farm to gather firewood without their parents’ knowledge.

When they did not return, their parents became worried and searched nearby communities, but to no avail.

Bidemi eventually returned without his sister, claiming that they were abducted by four men during their journey to the farm.
He stated that they were blindfolded, their hands were tied, and they were taken into a bush.
Bidemi said that he was released at night, but his sister remained with the abductors.
The case was reported to the Sanyo police station the following day, but Seyi’s father did not allow Bidemi to be held at the station for questioning.
Instead, he promised to bring him in whenever further information was needed. The distraught father sought the help of a diviner, who indicated that someone with the same blood as Seyi was involved.
This prompted the father to confront Bidemi, who confessed under pressure.
He claimed that the abductors ordered him to strangle his sister until she died, threatening him with a gun.
Bidemi was warned not to divulge any information to anyone.
Seyi’s decomposing body was eventually found in a bush with her breast missing and a scraped side of her head.
The police, alongside local vigilante groups, visited the scene. Bidemi was transferred to the head office of the Amotekun security outfit, and subsequently, the police’s Monitoring Unit took over the case for a thorough investigation into the teenager’s murder.

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