• An Artist is a writer, be it in a book form, sculptor, songs and other forms of genres that one is gifted at doing.

A writer, apart from  entertaining his audience, tell stories that gives educational values –morals, inspirations, intelligence, satires and many more.

For instance, the sculpturist or bead makers , or moulders fashion out something of beauty and value.

Like the sculpturists,  moulders,  turn the natural things, like clay  to tangible things to tell stories of a particular decade or century, of a community ,tribes and cultures . These  finished products also serve as decorations  in the homes, worship centres, restaurants, cinema houses, parks and a host of them.



Creativity brings meaning to life and this trend is  rapidly advancing in Nigeria as people are beginning to value and cherish the world of Arts and Artists.


Perhaps , because of the economic doldrums in the country, people, young and old are desirous of additional income to beat the hyper inflation currently biting hard on both the rich and the poor.


Art works , apart from the economic value locally, it’s a big wealth  internationally. In fact , it’s a hot cake where you can get real value for your vocation.


Ablesworth is the name at 3 Jubril Aminu Street. Ablesworth  provides  fun, educative and informative pottery classes  in its Ikoyi studio or for those in homes, charities, schools and  corporate team bonding  and wellness centres.


‘’Our  pottery hangouts are relaxing  and fun while we guide you  to transform lumps  of clay into beautiful  masterpieces which  you can use ‘’-Ablesworth.

Ablesworth also produces ceramic products such as diffusers, bowls, plates, mugs and decorative  products for homes, offices, restaurants and the like.


Pottery classes at Ablesworth are relatively cheap compared to  the benefits to be derived from the training.

Unlike other trainers who charge  you for materials separately,  Ablesworth  will provide  all the materials  and the equipment  for  trainees.

Their  works  speak for themselves and a visit  to their arena will boost your creative thinking . For lovers of arts and anybody that loves beautiful decorations,  select a date  to   visit or call 0808586506. It’s an experience , you, your children or wards will treasure  for life.


Some of their works of arts  are here for your viewing delight.











































































In Lagos , at Park view Estate, Ikoyi(3 Prof. Jubril Aminu Street),is an arena , where  young Nigerians  are  groomed  in the art. They are trained  in the art of pottery.
























In Lagos , at Park view Estate, Ikoyi(3 Prof. Jubril Aminu Street),is an arena , where  young Nigerians  are  groomed  in the art. They are trained  in the art of pottery.





























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