October 9th, 2017 will not be forgotten in a hurry as witnessed in another anniversary of the World Post Day in NIPOST Osogbo District Office.
One of  the key events of the anniversary  was a paper presented  by Mrs Idowu, B.O. ,senior Postal Controller in the District entitled ”Transforming the Post in an Enabling Economy to Align with Global System”.
Brief history of the universal postal union (UPU)was recalled as it came into being on 9th October,1874 as a unique agency for co-ordinating the postal policies among member nations. She referred to the economy of the world being in coma and Nigeria also not left out. She quickly pointed out that Nigeria had course to thank God because ”we are out of economic recession”.
However, she posited that the Federal government needs to focus on the potentiality of NIPOST to make her  function very well in line with global posts.
According to her, NIPOST has been functioning  well in her traditional roles of postal delivery, counter services, private mail bag delivery and the like. Also, new products such as logistics, IPS, sales of online NECO,WAEC registration cards and Electronic Money Transfer(I.F.S.) were introduced and effective but need improvement to generate more revenue.

Furthermore, that ,” to post post into prosperity, transformation  must take place’ ‘She defined transformation as  complete change in someone or something; which means that transformation ” we are clamouring for, could come through us (as NIPOST staff), the government ,in terms  of policy implementation and financial commitment and also our customers patronages who are our partners in sustainable development of our services”. Therefore, according to the paper presenter, to transform the post in an enabling economy, the following panacea must be explored and effectively put in place:
– More investment in infrastructures and stronger government commitment to the postal sector, in order to enter the  digital age more easily
– Efforts should be intensified  to making NIPOST join the league of organizations issuing vehicle license, driving license and international passport as it is done in advanced countries.
– NIPOST should monitor both legal and illegal courier services.
-There should not be any digital gap between urban and rural areas, which means internet facilities must be installed in all offices .
– All staff should be marketers and marketing focused.
-Positive change ,must  start with staff; change your orientation and think positively.
-Every product should be adequately valued eg. EMS, Logistics, Postcash  etc; tell people about NIPOST products and be customers friendly.
– Do NIPOST business as your personal business. Let your slogan be ”if NIPOST succeeds it means Iam a success”.
Mrs Idowu rounded off the presentation by concluding that to transform the post in an enabling economy to align with global system is possible  if there is improvement in infrastructures, innovation and better addressing system.
Finally, she said’ NPOST is firmly focused on the future and taking steps to
modernize ,grow her capacity and range of services but also not forget to motivate NIPOST staff in terms of better remuneration.

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